E-motive: e5, or, Green motors: e-sport (2010-current): Quiet, pure sport sensation.

     Engine: The well known switch High-Low used in several e-motive models, affects the electric motor response.
     In the Low position start is smoother, acceleration is less powerful and top speed is limited to 45 km/h, indicated. In High mode, start is kind of abrupt, acceleration is immediate.

     The scooter reaches the speed of 20 km/h instantly, 50 km/h fast. Its linear up to to 85 km/h, indicated top speed.
     The electric motor is completely silent and sufficiently powerful for the needs of urban riding. Maximum power 5000W, maximum torque 160 Nm, nominal values.

     Riding position: The seat height is relatively high. Average height riders will step a relatively firm foot on the ground if they use the front part of the seat. As the width of the seat is increased at the rear, only tall riders will step a firm foot on the ground, using the rear part of the seat.

     The floor at the feet of the rider is not level, rider has to lift a foot over the seat in order to access the riding position. The dimension of the wheels is 130-60/13 front and rear.
     The scooter provides a relatively light feeling, 125 Kg, centre of gravity is low. The width is small. Rider is placed mainly on the scooter. The riding position is rather racing. This creates a sporty feeling to the rider.

     On the road: A sporty character has been described, providing a special touch to city rides. Younger riders will be satisfied, mature riders will be tempted. Generally due to the riding position, leisure rides will not be really comfortable.

     Agility is excellent. Together with the sporty riding position defines a joyful, youthful character. Stability creates great confidence to the rider. However the combination of agility, playful nature and almost racing riding position provides a unique touch to the e5 rides.
     Sure enough, many riders will be pleasantly surprised with the non-compromised character of the e5. In the process of filtering the handle bar height is greater than that of car mirrors, most of the time.

     On streets featuring many imperfections, suspension will absorb initially most of the bumps. However rider will notice. In the case of great imperfections, these will find their way to the rider, almost unfiltered by the suspension. Consequently, comfort could be better on non-flat roads.

Braking is sufficient

     At the fast pace the sporty sensation will be highly appreciated by the rider. The robustness of the scooter increases the confidence of the rider to push around corners. That does not eventually take place for an experienced rider, as the suspension will not come up to the normal standards of inspired cornering. However there isnĘt any flexibility from the scooter.

     From one hand, there are not many riders who will push an electric scooter to the limit. From the other hand, due to the sporty feeling of the bike, handling should be evaluated for the e5.
     Brakes are good for the standards of the category that this scooter belongs to. On high friction tarmac roads, the front disc brake will be just adequate to lock the wheel on low speed, the rear wheel will be locked easier. The feedback provided to the rider is relatively good.
     On average friction roads, braking may lock the front or rear wheel. Again feedback to the rider is relatively good.
     Comments: The e5 model is the most powerful of the e-motive range. Storage space under the seat is adequate for a full face helmet. ‘he riderĘs feet floor is not level, the hub electric motor is at the centre of the rear wheel. Pillion handgrip design is nice.
     Sometimes the marketing department of motorcycle brands, requires a specific design that does not correspond to the nature of the vehicle. Fortunately in the case of the e5, design responds to reality, what the prospective buyer sees, is what he gets.
     The cost of replacing the batteries is at 900 § ( the evaluation was conducted in December 2010) and they need to be changed every four years, on average. In other words, they will be enough for 1500 deep charges. Charging for 90% of the capacity requires 3 hours.
     Battery range is at least 45-100 km, with the switch set to High or Low, respectively. The cost of charging is negligible.
     Two points are susceptible to criticism. The build quality could be slightly better for a scooter that costs 4200 §. However in this aspect, its better than many other bikes built in China.
     The second point is the suspension, which could absorb more sufficiently road imperfections, in the case that streets are far from perfect.
Price: 4200 §, 2-year warranty

+ Genuinely sporty electric scooter

+ Handling

-Rides on bumpy streets.

More, specifications, (U.K.)

Thanks to Green-Motors, Kalirois 74, Athens, Greece, tel. +302110153095 for the bike test.


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