Sym Symphony SR 150 (2010-current): Harmonically sporty, among small engine capacity scooters

     Engine: The air cooled two valves engine of 149 c.c. which is fed via a carburettor, provides a continuous power boost. Acceleration is decent where it is most needed in urban areas: Up to 80 Km/h. Acceleration is then decreased.
     Actually the scooter accelerates to the speed of 20 Km/h instantly, very fast to 40 Km/h, fast to 60 Km/h, easily to 80 Km/h.

     Particularly the speed of 80 Km/h is a velocity that will easily be achieved and preserved in town use.
     Top speed is 110 Km/h. Maximum power 10.9 bhp at 7500 rpm, 10.6 Nm torque at 6500 rpm, nominal values.

     Riding position: The seat height is relatively low. The width of the seat is large at the rear, getting very narrow to the front. Consequently according to the part of the seat that the rider will be sited, firm feet will be stepped on the ground, no matter the riderĘs height. Actually even short riders will feel at home.
     The weight of the scooter feels average for the standards of the category. The nominal value though is 109 Kg, wet. This feeling could be due to the centre of gravity which feels right in the middle of the scooter. As a result, rider gets the impression of a really firm scooter, not a very light one.
     Physical dimensions are small and they will assist urban rides. Rider is positioned rather in the scooter by the neutral riding position.

     On the road: The front suspension which is a fork, is relatively firm. The firmness of the two rear shocks is average. The dimension of the wheels front and rear is 110-70-16.
     On town rides, Symphony SR provides a firm sensation. This doesnĘt mean that its not agile. On the contrary, it genuinely combines firmness and almost top agility. Urban street imperfections are absorbed sufficiently. This is due to the 16 inch wheels and the relatively comfortable suspension.

     Steering lock is huge, which further improves maneuvering. The relatively narrow handle bar is often at the same height with car mirrors during filtering. Instant acceleration provided by the engine, is most helpful.
     On B-roads, feedback to the rider, steadiness and agility are combined. Road imperfections, even mid corner, may be felt, however they will be absorbed sufficiently. Rider feels confident to charge if he wishes to.
     It will be the performance of the engine, above 80 Km/h, which will slow down the pace. The air cooled 150 c.c. engine capacity is really small for inspired riding, which demonstrates SymphonyĘs sure footed handling.

     Close to the limit, feedback is reduced, handling is still predictable. No wobble took place at the duration of the bike test, even on sweepers for the scooter standards.
     Symphony is equipped with waving disc brakes front and rear. The front brake line is plastic, the rear is steel. However feedback to the rider is good from the front brake and average from the rear.
     Braking is really powerful and decent on high friction roads, while on low friction roads it will require some caution on emergency braking. Symphony will require deliberate action to lock the wheels on high friction roads, while on emergency braking on low friction roads this may occur involuntary.
     Comments: The sharp design is really modern and sporty, nothing to do with the Symphony classic 125 versionĘs design. That looks common and its still at the production line.
     The side stand, kick starter, integrated luggage rack, hook for a shopping bag and pillion foot pegs that are folded in the scooter are included in the price. The red stitching of the seat emphasizes the sporty character as well as the quality built.
     The use of the side stand at the scooter tested was firm. Lights are not always on. There is a switch at the right handle bar side to activate the lights. This procedure reminds of the past.

     The riderĘs feet floor is flat. Despite the 16 inch wheels, under the seat there is storage space large enough to accommodate a jet helmet, or a shopping bag, or even a small full face helmet.
     As a conclusion the air cooled engine due to the small capacity is weak for sporty use as it should be expected. The price of the scooter is really honest. From the other hand feedback to the rider, handling and brakes belong equally to the sporty side of the scooters. Its still a comfortable scooter though, as comfortable as a city scooter is supposed to be.
     SymphonyĘs character is definitely homogeneous because it will not exaggerate to any of the previously mentioned fields. Consequently, SymphonyĘs rides are harmonically sporty…

Price 125 c.c.: 1765 Euros

Price 150 c.c.: 1945 Euros

+ Price

+ Homogeneous sporty character and comfortable at the same time

+ Storage space under the seat

+ Quality built

- Activating lights switch

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