Triumph Daytona 675 (2006-current): Fun and track oriented

     Engine: The sound of the three cylinder 675 c.c. engine is characteristic. The torque produced is the most prominent feature of the engine, maximum nominal value 72 Nm at 11700 rpm.
     From 2000 rpm upwards there is considerable torque that provides instant throttle response as well as plenty of power at the lower and middle area of the powerband. ‘hat is in a range that the Japanese rivals of 600 c.c. would have to downshift one or two gears to get the same acceleration result.
     One could say that the operation of the engine at the lower and middle powerband reminds of an 1000 c.c. engine. Engine output is otherwise quite linear, no bursts or hiccups, up to the rev limiter close to the 15000 rpm indication, offering considerable power output, 124 nominal bhp at 12600 rpm.

     Riding position: The seat for the rider is relatively high, the weight of the bike feels little and centre of gravity feels average. The bike feels like being slim and long, rider is positioned clearly on top of it , almost a race riding position which results in a considerable weight transfer to the riders arms in slow rides. Steering angle is great in theory. In practice the inner hand of the curve cannot really follow the handle bar motion as the latest disappears in reservoir edges.
    On the road: Due to the above the Daytona is close to the definition of an absolute bike and may become tedious in town rides. Suspension is stiff, providing precise feedback of everything between the road and bike, so road imperfections are not really absorbed.
     Out of urban areas the Daytona is definitely a firm bike, providing immense confidence especially when rider is charging. Agility is fair for the category standards.
     Handling is always greatly neutral , tempting rider to find new limits in cornering and achieving a fast exit due to the engine, no matter the gear chosen.
     Brakes are top class.

     Comments: Daytona is a cheerful character which always tempts the rider . Makes a modest rider behave like a punk, provoking for neutral and delightful skidding on low friction roads or high speed cornering and corner exits on high friction roads that is on track. Air protection is limited. There was a difficulty at the bike tested to select neutral at the gearbox.

Price 675 : 10990 §

+ Character – fun factor

+Engine performance


-Everyday – town use

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