Sym SB 250 Ni Wolf (‘2) (2012-current): Its called a Wolf, although its as friendly and effective as a Labrador!

     Engine: The single sylinder, liquid cooled, fueled by injection, six speed 249.4 c.c. engine delivers 26 bhp/7500 rpm and 2.1 kgm/6500 rpm (15.2 lbs ft/6500 rpm) torque, claimed figures.

     Actually a minimum of 3000 rpm is required depending on the selected gear to obtain surge-free acceleration. Engine response is linear and punchy from 5000 rpm upwards. The rev limiter intervenes at 9200 rpm.
     The speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) is preserved comfortably, the top speed of nearly 150 km/h (93 mph) is influenced considerably by road inclination and adverse wind. An indication of the selected speed at the gearbox is provided on the clock. The operation of the gearbox is really good. An indicative fuel consumption figure is 4 l/100 km, (71 mpg Imperial), tank range is 300 km (186 miles).
    Riding position: The height of the saddle is low, 790 mm (31.1 in), providing confidence to low stature riders. The pillion is seated quite higher than the rider, the space on the saddle provided is small and hard, which reminds slightly of a supersport 600 c.c. bike and thatĘs not an advantage!
     The dimensions of the bike are decreased, which is normal for the 250 c.c. bike standards.
     The weight of the bike is comparatively increased, 163 kg (359 lbs) nominal dry, which is certainly noticed.
     Rider is placed in and over the bike, riding position tends to be neutral: it is comfortable, providing alert at the same time. Thus riderĘs torso is slightly inclined to the front while the handlebar is high and relatively wide.
     On the road: Suspensions are soft. A 37 mm fork is equipped at the front, there is no linkage provided for the shock. Due to the design of the bike a hint for a Deltabox frame is provided, which is not the case of course.
     OE tires are Maxxis promaxx street with dimensions 110/70-17 at the front and 140/70-17 at the rear. They are considered to be a moderate choice, especially on low friction factor roads.
     On town rides the Wolf is greatly neutral, providing easy, unbiased, yet very effective and comfortable rides. It will not impose any restrictions to the rider.
     The modern rivals so far are promising sporty urban rides. The Wolf gives priority to everyday use, boasting unquestioning urban rides. The riding and the feel of the bike on the road remind of bigger bikes, favouring robustness than agility.
     On downtown rides, steering lock is average for the standards of the category, that means relatively good compared to general motorcycle standards. Any rider would expect an even sharper steering lock from the 250 c.c. bikes.
     Filtering is good, mainly due to the small width of the bike. Actually the height of both the handlebar and mirrors of the bike is the same with carsĘ and SUVsĘ mirrors. This doesnĘt result to a problem due to the small width of the bike.
     Comfort over road imperfections is very good, providing an advantage to the Wolf compared to the sporty rivals.
     On B-roads the robustness and the stability of the bike are the key riding features, agility comes second. ItĘs a sure footed bike on the road, providing confidence to the rider which is a feature again that could belong to a bigger bike. Riding is satisfying to the so-called average rider, or on everyday rides.

     At the fast pace, suspensions do gradually feel soft. Additionally OE tires canĘt provide adequate feedback to the rider, especially on low friction factor roads. The bike feels quite light then. Consequently rider will not be tempted to perform spirited riding.
     The previously mentioned factors influencing riding are still valid though, as an example stability is still the dominant riding feature. Thus if rider proceeds to tire change and suspension upgrades, nimble riding will be improved, however due to the latter, the excellent everyday rides provided by the Wolf will certainly deteriorate.
     On the highway the Wolf will be a satisfying bike up to the speed of 120 km/h (75 miles). On a higher speed though, especially in case of windy conditions, some minor weave may be noticed e.g. at 140 km/h (87 mph) which will ask for a speed decrease from the rider. Air protection is typical for the naked bikes standards.
     A 288 mm petal rotor together with a four piston radial caliper and steel braided line are provided at the front. A 222 mm petal rotor together with a single piston caliper is provided at the rear. Brakes are linear and powerful, providing relatively good feedback. In case of powerful braking, the diving of the front end is considerable, due to the soft fork.
     Comments: The rides provided by the Wolf, remind those of the distinguished everyday bike Honda CBF 250, which is a positive comment for a new bike like the Sym Wolf. It seems that the long-lasting cooperation with Honda in the past, assisted Sym at the know-how and comprehending the market requirements.
     The nice design refers to a streetfighter motorbike, providing interesting details which make some bigger naked bikes look quite more common! The rims are nice, reminding of the Honda CB1000R rear rim, while the headlamp looks like Yamaha XJ 6n (FZ for the US)! The pillion handlebar, the blue light on the display, the LED tail light and the metallic paint, make the Wolf a qualitative bike.
     From the other hand the protecting plate of the silencer doesnĘt cover it at the side, which doesnĘt look nice from that point of view. A centre stand is not provided which doesnĘt help usability. The switch at the right handlebar activating the lights could have been omitted. On the contrary the battery charge level and the top speed indications will be fancied by older and younger owners respectively! The bike may be equipped with a top case together with a factory rack.
     Build quality and the plastic parts assembly are indicative for the Sym factory, that means superb.
     Conclusively following the manufacturing of scooters, Sym proceeds to motorcycles, with cautious, thoroughly planned and important steps. The Wolf is an alternative proposal to modern sporty rivals, which loud and clear gives priority to everyday riding.
      It doesnĘt promise sporty, just streetfighter rides, which is not true of course due to the engine capacity. What is important though is that a new little and very effective bike is around which makes a difference within the sea of scooters seen in many countries. Therefore it looks like and it is called a Wolf, although the friendliness and the effectiveness provided belong to a potential Labrador!
 Price: 3845 Euros

+ Everyday use, robustness

+ An integrated proposal at the 250 c.c. category, close to the real needs of a rider

+ Build quality - design

+ Price

- OE tires

- Weave close to the top speed on windy conditions

- Weight

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