Sym GTS (Joymax) (Firenze) 300i EVO (2009-2012): A GT scooter for every use.

Engine: The single cylinder liquid cooled 264 c.c. engine delivers 24 bhp/7500 rpm and 2.5 Kgm/5500 rpm torque (18.1 lbs ft/5500 rpm), claimed figures.
     Actually, acceleration is smooth and user friendly. Power provided is adequate, the speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) is achieved relatively fast, the speed of 120 km/h (75 mph) easily, acceleration is moderated from that figure upwards. Top speed is just greater than 140 km/h, (87 mph), which remains about the same in case of minor road inclinations. An average fuel consumption figure is 4l/100km (70.6 mpg Imperial).
     Riding position: The seat height is low. The width of the saddle is narrow at the front, being helpful to short riders, in order to step both feet firm on the ground. Towards the rear of the riderĘs seat, the saddle becomes wide and spacious, it will be comfortable to tall riders. At the rear of the riderĘs area on the seat a stop for the body is formed.
     The seat for the pillion is tall and spacious, providing a …throne for the passenger. A decent pillion back protection is also provided.
     The length of the scooter is increased, the width of the scooter is typical for the 250-300 c.c. scooter category, the height of the scooter is low.
     The weight of the scooter is average also for the standards of the category 182 nominal kgs dry, (401 lbs), although centre of gravity is low.
     Rider is placed mostly over than in the scooter, riding position is greatly neutral, comparatively relaxed.
    On the road: Suspensions are relatively stiff for the scooterĘs category standards. There are twin shocks at the rear, adjustable to spring preload.
     Tires fitted are Maxxis Pro, with dimensions 110/90-13 at the front and 130/70-13 at the rear. They are considered an average choice especially on low friction factor roads.
     On town rides the GTS EVO is a user friendly scooter which will fulfill riderĘs expectations. There are no compromises asked, a multi-task character will be revealed. Riding combines agility and stability.
    On downtown rides, the GTS is also a capable scooter. The height of the saddle is user friendly even to low stature riders, the width of the scooter is narrow. The length of the scooter which is increased, will not be a great issue on traffic jams.
     Steering lock is very good, it will help the rider maneuvering the scooter around cars.
     Filtering is also good, which is due to the narrow width of the scooter. As a matter of fact, the height of the handlebar of the scooter is the same with carĘs mirrors, while scooterĘs mirrors are as high as SUVsĘ mirrors. However there will not be any problems for the rider.
     Street imperfections are not absorbed very well. They will be felt by the rider, especially from the rear wheel. The small wheel dimensions and the limited suspension travel are the two reasons for that.
     On B-roads, the combination of agility and stability is evident. Additionally the GTS provides the feeling that itĘs a low, long scooter.
     At the fast pace, the stability of the GTS is really good. Ofcourse there are no miracles under construction here, the small wheels do not provide confidence while cornering and the tires do not provide the required feedback to the rider.
     Eventually, rider will slow down since a growing uncertainty is build, especially on low friction factor roads.
     On the highway, travelling speed will be as high as 120 km/h (75 mph). Rider feels comfortably then, stretching the feet at the front, relaxing on the highway. The air pressure is felt around the rider, its dispersed though.
     Tall riders will feel the air pressure on the helmet and the shoulders, they will have to ride lowering their body to the front in order to moderate the air resistance.
     A single 240 mm (9.45 in) rotor is equipped at the front brake, together with a four piston caliper. A 220 mm (8.66 in) rotor is equipped at the rear together with a two piston caliper. Steel brake lines are used, front and rear.
Applying the rear brake the front is actuated together, that means that brakes are combined.
     The brakes are good and user friendly, with a small exception though: On low friction factor streets, on emergency braking the rear wheel may lock, the engine could stall then. The large wheelbase 1495 mm (58.86 in) maintains the calmness of the scooter, hence  riderĘs calmness also, whenever that happens.
     Both brakes whenever applied individually, provide relatively good braking power and average feedback to the rider.
     Model history/reliability/quality build: The GTS was initially introduced with a 250 c.c. engine. The engine capacity was increased slightly in 2009, which improved marginally the performance provided. Additionally the design of the scooterĘs front area was upgraded especially at the headlamp section. In Australia the scooter is called Firenze instead of GTS or Joymax.
     There are not any specific issues reported concerning reliability. Build quality is very good.
     Comments: The space provided under the seat is adequate for a full face and a bicycle helmet together. At the storage compartment in the leg shield two pairs of summer gloves may be stored indicatively. A small compartment under the handlebar at the right adequate for e.g. a cell phone, is also available.
     The LED daytime running lights at the front and the LED tail lights provide high class looks to the GTS. The large storage space provided under the seat, the fuel cap and the seat which are opened remotely by switches, the detailed dash indications, will fulfill the expectations of any car driver thinking about commuting on a scooter like the GTS.
     A 12V plug is also provided, together with a familiar yellow switch under the seat, a shock absorber supporting the seat, an internal storage light and hazard indicators.
Price: 4095 §

+ Various fields of use

+ Value / product price ratio

+ Storage space under the seat

- Comfort over street imperfections

- Absolute handling although thatĘs not a great issue for this scooter category.

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  • Alan Hayward
    What does the small yellow switch under the seat do? It has a padlock on it?
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