Triumph Street Triple (2008-current): A hooligan, made in England.

     Engine: This performance that cannot really be judged by absolute numbers, could  have been  derived from a 1000 cc engine and its more than adequate for the vast majority of rides with a naked motorcycle. Ňven for track use.
     From 2000 rpm, the low end, at mid range and to the top, a constant boost at the riderĘs right hand, 105 nominal bhp and three cylinder sound.
     An Arrow silencer had been mounted at the bike under test. This resulted to improved engine performance as well as weight reduction.

     On the road: Suspension is between ride and good  handling, the seat is high and narrow. Rider monitors without obstacles the traffic, as the upright riding position resembles to a lower supermoto one. The bike is slim  and light enough, 189 Kg nominal wet weight. Agility is very good as well as  feedback to the rider is. The wide and tall handlebar also compensates to make city  a playground for the rides. The bike easily filters between cars. A disadvantage is the limited steering radius.
     Out of urban areas the bike is stable, rigid, the suspension is stiff, providing very good feedback that a rider should feel on every inch of the road , potholes as well, together with quick turn in.
     Version R features fully adjustable suspension, front and rear. At the bike tested only the spring preloadat the rear suspension was asjustable. This results to riding compromises at the very fast pace.
     Brakes are progressive and offer good feedback to the rider. Handling matches exactly the engine output performance.
     Comments: An integrated package, with overwhelming character that tempts the rider for cheerful rides.  A fault in urban areas should be considered to be the limited handlebar movement.
     Ńt this model suspension is not adjustable, except from the spring preload at the shock. However there is the R model which has even sharper steering geometry its equipped with radial brakes , higher seat and fully adjustable suspension.

Price : 8990 §

+Excess of character



+Sporty riding

+Rider will rarely need a larger in capacity engine

-Limited steering lock in town

More, specifications (U.K.)


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