Znen T18 (2007-2010): Robustness, made in PRC

      Because of wet weather especially during the period of the test, the pictures of the scooter might not be of the highest quality.

     Engine: The single cylinder air-cooled 150 c.c. engine delivers 9.6 bhp/7500 rpm and 7 Nm / 6000 rpm torque, claimed values. Under full throttle acceleration, the T18 is very fast up to the speed of 40 km / h, fast up to the speed of 60 Km/h, O.K. up to 80 Km/h, adequate at 100 Km/h.
     Top speed is 130 Km/h indicated on the dash. Eventually the transmission favors accelerating up to the speed of 80 km / h, instead of top speed.
     Performance is quite sharp, it could be justified by a greater capacity or liquid cooled engine.

     Riding position: The saddle height is average, the majority of riders will step both feet, firm on the road. The dimensions of the scooter are slightly increased compared to the standards of the category, the width is average though.
     The weight of the scooter is increased, 119 Kgs nominal dry, center of gravity is low. Rider is positioned in the scooter, riding position is neutral. There is a great space on the saddle, provided for the rider and pillion.
     On the road: Suspension is relatively firm, front and rear. The factory fitted tires are Duro brand, dimensions are 100/80-16 to the front and 120/80-16 to the rear. They are considered to be a moderate choice, especially in wet conditions.
     On city rides, Znen is very robust, agile and neutral. It will easily meet riderĘs urban transport needs, no compromises will be asked. Street imperfections are not absorbed efficiently, despite the 16 inch wheels. This is something that is common to the most, more expensive scooters of the class also.
     At the process of filtering the handlebar height is greater than that of car mirrors. The mirrors of the scooter are higher than SUV mirrors. In combination with the average width of the scooter, filtering on the Znen is very good.
     Steering lock is pretty good, not top class though. It will be adequate in most of the cases.

     On B-roads Znen provides again a very solid feeling. Additionally, agility is excellent. The combination of the above results in increased stability. Road imperfections are not absorbed sufficiently.

     At a faster pace, feedback to the rider is reduced mainly due to the tyres.
     Single disc brakes are used front and rear. The front is relatively weak while the rear is relatively powerful. Brakes are user friendly and usable. A tyre change will improve feedback to the rider especially when braking gets close to the limit.
     Comments: Build quality is average. The scooter is manufactured  in China.
     Equipment includes a shopping hook, kick start and a side stand. There is a gloves compartment at the front, however the storage space under the seat will be useful for gloves, or minor things. ItĘs one of the smallest storage spaces, provided by a scooter. The step through floor combined with the robust rack at the rear, permit carrying of larger objects. The back lighting of the dashboard is beautiful at night.
     Given the engine capacity, the Znen is a powerful scooter with increased dimensions, which will meet the riderĘs needs. There are no more or greater compromises asked compared to the other scooters of the class. The tag price is lower than the standards of the 150 c.c. category.

Price new :1450 §

Price used :750§

+ Robustness

+ Price

- Quality build

- Storage space under the seat

Znen's website

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Tsetselis, tel. +302105737379, Thivwn 103, Peristeri, Greece for the test ride.


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