Helmet: Grex G6.1 (2013 - current): An everyday helmet suitable to town use and warm climates.

In theory: The Grex brand belongs to the Nolan Group and the helmets are manufactured at the Nolan plant in Italy, like the ×-Lite helmets. Usually they are cheaper than the Nolan helmets. Thus, if Nolan launches an upgraded helmet, the former could be found at the market as a Grex model. As an example, the 134 ¤ Íolan N-62 is the Grex G 6.1 which costs 100 ¤. 

Ôhe Grex G6.1 helmet is made of polycarbanate. A single size shell is used for every helmet size. The anti-scratch visor, designed to be equipped with anti-fog Pinlock visor is easily removable without tools. The weight is 1430 gr (3.15 Lbs) nominal. An indicative five years guarantee is provided.  Italy is the manufacturing country. The helmet was tested with three bikes, a cub, a scooter and a new-retro motorcycle (Peugeot Vox, Daelim S3 250i Advance, Moto-Guzzi V7). 

Adjustments: There are two adjustable inlets vents at the chin and the forehead. The adjustment of the vents is easy even with winter gloves. The two vents at the rear, at the top and the bottom of the helmet are not adjustable. 
On the road: The helmet feels very light. The color, the build quality and the finish are very good, while the microlock strap closure is very easy. The fit of the helmet is good. Ôhe test was conducted on two windless - sunny days and the ambient temperature was around 20°C (68°F). 
The nose of the editor was frequently touching the breath protector of the Grex which is unified with the helmet, and editor¢s lips were touching the internal of the helmet. This is relevant with the anatomy of rider¢s head thus it is recommended to try the  helmet before the purchase. (The editor of this website had experienced an issue like this many years ago trying some Shark off-road helmets, which proves that something is going wrong with this specific head both inside-which is certain by now- and outside)! That was meant to be a joke… 
Riding the Daelim was not really beneficial for the evaluation of the Grex, as the tall screen was deflecting the air flux away from the helmet. However the Grex was always cool and comfortable in town, while on the highway the air on the helmet was again dispersed. Naturally the helmet becomes cooler with the vents open. Thus the Grex is a cheap and effective recommendation on such a scooter. 
Riding the Peugeot Vox and the naked Moto-Guzzi, there was an air flow felt in the helmet even with the vents closed, above the speed of 70 km/h (43.5 mph). This is due to air incoming from the bottom of the helmet. On the Moto-Guzzi there is considerable air in the helmet above the speed of 100 km/h (62 mph). Thus the wind protector is required to be attached at the helmet. 
Presumably, the Grex G6.1 is suitable to warm climates. On a scooter equipped with a tall screen this helmet may be suitable to various fields of use, while on anything else it is recommended for town use. 
Comments: Two helmets were tested, a black and a matt-grey. The matt grey variant (like any other helmet brand) requires some extra caution as it reveals any dirt or residing oil from the fingertips of the rider and it may be scratched easier. 

The base model is the “one” in black or white color, while the other versions feature a removable interior. These versions are Whirl, Podium, Myth, Décor and Kinetic. 
Price single color: 99 ¤ 
Price single color kinetic flat: 115¤ 
Price graphics: 149 ¤ 

+ Price 

+ Town use 

+ Warm climates suitable 

- Áir inside the helmet at a speed higher than 70 km/h (43.5 mph) on any naked bike.




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