Peugeot Vox 110 (2012-present): A cub proposition by Peugeot

     The bike tested was almost brand new. The performance described below is inferior to what a future buyer will experience, riding a properly run-in cub. 

     Engine: The single cylinder, air cooled 110 c.c. engine which is fed by a carburetor, delivers 7.5 bhp/ 8500 rpm and 0,69 kgm/ 6000 rpm (4.56 ft lbs/ 6000 rpm) torque, claimed figures. The gearbox is four speed, semi-automatic.
      The rider has to apply the front brake in order to start the engine. A kick start lever is also provided. Under full throttle acceleration the speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) is achieved adequately, acceleration is rather slow from that point up to the top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph) though. On minor uphill roads, top speed drops to indicatively 81 km/h (50 mph). 
     Ôhe gearbox is relatively hard, there was difficulty sometimes to find neutral. During the performance tests, if the throttle was turned off and on again, there was some time delay for the engine power to be released. When the Vox is static, if riderĒs leg pushes the kick start lever backwards, the transmission blocks and the cub cannot be pushed to the rear. An indicative average fuel consumption figure is 3.2 l/100 km (88.3 mpg Imperial). 
      Riding position: The saddle is quite low at 780 mm (30.71 in), even short riders will step both feet confidently on the road. Rider is placed in and over the cub. Riding position is nearly neutral for the cubs category, providing slight alertness. 
    The pillion is seated just higher than the rider, the saddle is comparatively narrow, the firmness is right, while the rack serves also as the handgrips for the pillion, providing a slightly narrow grip. The dimensions of the Vox are normal for a cub. The weight is very low at 96 kgs (211 lbs) nominal wet. 
      On the road: There are twin shock absorbers at the rear which are adjustable for spring preload in five increments. The suspensions are very soft at their factory softest setting. OE tires are Kenda with dimensions 2.5-17 at the front and 2.75-17 at the rear. They are a moderate choice. Alloy wheels are featured. 
      In town, the Vox is quite good, agile, robust and stable at the same time. There are no compromises asked. On fast avenues rider has to keep the throttle wide open,  twisted to the stop. 
      On downtown rides the Vox is excellent, like most of the cubs actually. Steering lock is superb, one of the best measured so far by this website. 
     Filtering on the Vox is very easy although the height of the handlebar and the mirrors is the same with the carsĒ and SUVsĒ mirrors respectively. Due to the small width of the cub there is no filtering problem for the rider. Urban street imperfections are absorbed quite well for a 70 kg (154 lbs) rider. Thus the Vox is very comfortable, one of the very best actually over street imperfections. 
     On B-roads the Vox provides a decent combination of stability and agility, which will be satisfying to any rider. 
      At the fast pace feedback to the rider is relatively good. If smarter tires are mounted, it could be even better. On …sweepers, suspensions are soft, while even at the top speed, there is no elasticity felt by the frame. However the moderate engine power makes things rather boring even compared to the 125 c.c. cubs. 
      Due to the humble top speed, the Vox is often ridden at full throttle, way before the A-roads. Its not sufficient and safe for such a use. 
      On dirt-roads, the Vox is very comfortable and efficient, although the brakes are stronger than necessary. 
      Ôhe brakes consist of a 220 mm petal rotor at the front with a two piston caliper and a 110 mm drum brake at the rear. The front brake provides good stopping power, comparatively good feedback and decent initial bite. The rear brake provides good power, feedback and initial bite. 
     Comments: Under the seat there is adequate space indicatively for a pair of winter gloves. There is no kick-stand, although the infrastructure is provided. However a safety key lock, a kick start and a chain cover are standard equipment. The mirrors are trembling on idle. 
     The yellow light on the instrument is truly conservative contrary to the red caliper at the front brake, the cooling outlet just above the engine and the black/silver rims which define a sporty touch to the design. Thus the styling of the Vox is nice and classic, from the other hand its quite sporty for a cub, continuing the dynamic and robust design perception of the Peugeot Geopolis scooters. Ôhe Peugeot Vox is manufactured in China, conforming with the Peugeot standards of course. 
     Since itĒs a new model, reliability has to be evaluated by time. The cowling assembly is good, the finish is very good. Despite PeugeotĒs grand history in scooters, mopeds and small motorcycles, itĒs the first time that the firm proceeds in manufacturing a cub. This attempt is a success in terms of facing the competition, at this price category of course. 

 Price: 1299 Ī 

 + Price 

 + Styling 

 + Comfort 

 - OE tires


  • Old Bill
    Recently I purchased the Haynes book of the Honda Innova from Amazon. The Vox is a straight copy of the Innova so therefor anything on/in the servicing line you can read about it in this book....a good purchase...just like the Vox!
    I have now owned my motorcycle for some months and its nicely run-in. The engine is very smooth (just like my old Honda 90 and Honda Innova). The seat is very hard and I purchased a motorcycle air cushion seat. If you have owned a Innova you will find the bike easy to service. Don't listen to 'Nay-Sayers' who comment on this machine. If you treat the motorcycle with respect you will be rewarded with a good service life.
  • OLD Bill
    Be aware, This bike is expected to go to the dealers for all servicing. It will cost you. Better to do the servicing yourself. Very little information provided in bike bookets included with bikes. The 'milometer' is set to use kilometres....yuk!! NOT miles...
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