Two bikers got §15600 ($21000) fines for a single ride and lost their licences in Quebec, Canada! 

They committed 42 infractions (which were monitored by their camera!) 

Ń single ride near Quebec Canada, totaled 22.236 CAD in fines! The tickets were not given on the spots since the riders were not stopped earlier on the ride, only towards the end after a car driver called the police and complained! The cops saw the video taken by the bikerĘs camera, monitored the infractions and calculated the amount to be paid. The 26 y.o. rider did 21 infractions and got 113 demerit points and 11268 CAD fines, while the 29 y.o. rider for the same number of infractions got 116 demerit points and had to pay 10.968 CAD fines. Even tough they asked the cops not to loose their driving licences due to their work, this did not happen. 

Drunk, speeding and a child on tank 

The police chased a biker in France after he was speeding (120 km/h at a 70 km/h zone). When he was stopped he started a fight with policemen, probably because he was carrying his 4 y.o daughter on the bike. Another man helped the policemen to neutralise the rider and he was found to be completely drunk. His excuse was that his father suffers from Alzheimer and he was threatening to jump out of a window. A 5 years sentence is a possible future for this rider. 

Motorcyclist dies after hitting bird in USA 

A US, southwest Florida motorcyclist was killed after a bird hit his helmet, causing him to crash. Florida Highway Patrol reports that the 49-year-old was riding a 2013 BMW motorcycle through Glades County Thursday morning when a buzzard flew into his path. After hitting the bird, the biker rode into a ditch and hit a fence. FHP reports that the rider was ejected from the motorcycle and came to rest about 40 feet from the roadway.