The 1000 c.c. 200 bhp crossplane engine is new, the wheels and the subframe are made of magnesium, the frame is aluminum. The bike is provided with ABS, traction control, slide control, wheel lift control, launch control, LED headlights and TFT display. The wet weight is 199 Kg (439 lbs). 

The R1 M is a limited edition, street legal track version of the R1, equipped with Ohlins semi-active suspensions with three manual and three auto modes, carbon fiber fairing and a GPS based data logger. 

Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo presented the new R1, yesterday evening in Milan.


Scoop: The 2015 Yamaha R1!

The upcoming R1 was spotted being tested at the Eastern Creek International Raceway in Australia. The bike certainly looks like the latest R6. The engine will continue to be a four cylinder crossplane unit. 
There will be two variants, a normal R1 featuring a dual clutch transmission and a sportier version which will deliver up to 230 bhp, featuring also traction control and electronic suspensions!


The new R1 is being tested.

MCN reveals some photos of two disguised R1s being tested on a track. The two prototypes were evaluated along with a Bmw S1000RR in Australia. The bikes were under R6 bodywork, the photos are distant, there is a big motorcyclenews.com logo on top of the bikes shown, thus there is little to see. 

The silencer at the low right side of the bike is the biggest visual difference though. Now, being hidden under R6 clothes, does it mean that the new R1 will be smaller in terms of external dimensions, something like an RSV4?