Some 25000 Vespas LX 125 have been sold to India within 8 months from the scooterĘs launch and this figure doesnĘt look adequate for the countryĘs standards and potential. 

     The LX 125 is not a cheap scooter to buy in India compared to the competition, costing INR 80,000 in Bangalore, (about $1200 or 1110 Euros). Additionally the Indian spec LX is equipped with drum brakes. Seeking to get its act together, Piaggio India plans to launch two new variants of the Vespa LX125 in the coming months. One upgrade will be mounting a front disc brake while the other new variant is said to be a sporty version of the Vespa LX125. Often sporty for Piaggio means new paint jobs and stickers. 
      Also the sales of the Vespa LX125 are expected to improve by 30%, with the recent 10% price drop. Furthermore, a new cheaper scooter by Piaggio will be launched, probably the Fly 125, trying to compete with the Honda Activa and TVS Wego.