WHAT: Vespa Trophy is the tourist trophy associated at Vespa World Days. 
WHERE: Vespa Trophy involves all European countries. In 2014 the finishingdestination is Vespa World Days in Mantova (IT). 
WHO: Members of every Vespa WorldClub recognised National Vespa Club who have registered for the trophy. Eachlocal Vespa Club will download a Travel Book (required for the stampcollection). 

HOW: Every Local Vespa Club that participates at the eventmust register at www.vespatrophy.comwithin the special section of the site youcan download a copy of the Travel Book. Participation is free of charge, onlynormal internet connection fees apply, this depends on the configuration of thecomputer and internet provider. Travel Books contain: 
• The name of the Vespa Clubmembership. 
• The name of the Vespa ClubPresident or equivalent. 
• The identification number ofthe Travel Book. 
• The logo, name and Trophy website details. 
• Contact informaiton request. A space is provided forparticipants to fill in their: name, last name, address, telephone number ande-mail address of the participant or group leader (this information ismandatory in order to contact the winner). The travel Book will beavailable with a map. The map will show the various dealers, “Piaggio CheckPoints”, that join the initiwhom are part of the initiative. This will help the Vespa Clubs to define theroute from their city of departure to the arrival city of Mantova (IT). 
WHEN: The event will take place onthe following dates: - Beginning 5 th, May publication ofthe Travel Books on www.vespatrophy.com - From 26th May to 12thJune the trophy and stamp collection - From 12th June andfor the duration of the Vespa World Days 2014 in Mantova,Travel Books will be submitted (Deadling is 14th June at 10.00am) - 14nd June announcement of the winner during the galadinner 
WHY: The aim of the Trophy is to travelto Mantova and on route visit the highestnumber of “Piaggio Check Points” with as many Vespa riders as possible. 
COLLECTION POINTS: Each time the Vespa Club presentsitself at one of the dealers participating in the initiative, it will receive astamp on its Travel Book. The first stamp must be the local dealer. The Dealer willmake a note in the Travel Book of the number of Vespa (not vespisti) present. The responsibility of theVespa Club is to take a photograph (only with a mobile phone or digital camera)in front of the store. For administration reasons we can not accept picturestaken on film or other methods. SCORE 
CONTROL: On arrival in Mantova, every Vespa Club will submit their Travel Bookand download pictures, at the appropriate desk. The Travel Book must be in goodcondition, perfectly readable and full completed, incomplete entirees may resultin exclusion from the Trophy. 
SCORE CALCULATION: The total score assigned to the Vespa Club will be thesum points which relates to each Check Point. For each stamp we the number ofVespa will be multiplied by the value of the country (All Countries will beawarded 2 points, with the exception of Italy for which will be awarded 1point) Example: Country Number of Vespa Country Value CheckPointScore 
FR 5 x 2 = 10 
CH 6 x 2 = 12 
CH 6 x 2 = 12 
IT 5 x 1 = 5 
IT 6 x 1 = 6 
Total score: 45 VespaTrophy score 
WINNER: The winner will be the VespaClub that has highest score. In case of a draw the winner will be the Vespa Club thatcounts the biggest difference on age between the youngest and the oldestvespista (this difference is calculated only on the age of the drivers, and donot takes in to account any possible passengers or companion). 
PRIZE: The Vespa Club Winner will beawarded the symbolic trophy “Vespa Trophy 2014”. Before awarding the trophy the winners will be asked to submit the membership card of every participant forthe current year. In case of an irregularity the Vespa Club will be excludedfrom the Trophy.