Kymco People 300 GÔi (2010-current): Very close to the top, for some people already there...

     Ångine: The liquid cooled, single cylinder, four stroke engine of 299 c.c., which is fed via injection, is very powerful for the standards of the category. The scooter reaches instantly the speed of 40 Km/h, very fast the 60 Km/h , fast the 80 Km/h, easily the 100 Km/h, adequately the 120 Km/h and after quite some time, the speed of 150 Km/h.
     In high speed riding the scooter is very stable, without a hint of wobble.

     Describing the full throttle acceleration, there is a minor hesitation up to 20 Km/h, from 20 to 40 Km/h, its catapulted forward, some caution should be needed on low friction roads and acceleration continuous powerful, e.g. 80 Km/h is an easily accessed speed.
     Top power output 28.8 bhp at 7500 rpm and torque 30 Nm at 6250 rpm, nominal values. The scooter under test was new, engine performance may be improved as the run in will be completed.

     Riding position: The seat is at normal height while its wide enough, thus the majority of riders will step a firm foot on the ground. The weight is average for the standards of the category, it seems relatively heavy. Center of gravity feels at the middle of the scooter. The width of the scooter is relatively narrow, although the bulk of the scooter is average. Rider is positioned mainly in the scooter, riding position is comfortable, almost touring. Steering lock is adequate for the use intended, relatively tight steering radius will be achieved. The front suspension feels soft, while the stiffness of the rear is rather average. The dimension of the tires are 110-70-16 for the front and 140-70-16 rear.
     On the road :Town rides are neutral and trouble free, as the scooter is narrow, the handle bar is usually higher than the car mirrors and the scooter¢s bulk will not make rider anxious .
     The scooter is really agile and stable at the same time in town rides while comfort and feedback to the rider are almost top class. Actually normal road imperfections are absorbed adequately , however rider gets clear feedback for anything that wheels step onto.

     On B roads the firm feeling of the scooter, allows high speed cornering, while whenever the friction factor increases, confidence to the rider is superb for the standards of the category.
     On high speed riding, feedback to the rider is decreased, gradually gets lower than adequate, however only a small percentage of riders will ask for such an excessive cornering speed. Even at the very fast pace though, rider will not lose much confidence.
     Disc brakes featuring steel brake hoses front and rear, three piston brake caliper for the front, two piston brake caliper rear. They are top class as they are powerful, providing decent feedback. There will be an ABS version in the future, which will provide even better control of the deceleration power under emergency braking.

     Comments: A quality scooter, safe and fast which will not really restrict the rider to ride daily at congested traffic. Price is corresponding to the integrated solution offered.
     Actually it¢s confusing that this scooter shares the name People with the little - older brother S of 200 c.c. which has been also reviewed at, as differences are vast, at least in engine performance and handling. Their only similarity is the 16 inch wheel size and maybe appearance.

     Quality build is really good, handling is both sportive as well as comfortable. The engine performance is top, which allows highway trips. Air protection could be better on the highway at the fast pace. However its a scooter that its intented for city use mainly, so that is not a dissadvantage.
     From the other hand, except from the lack of ABS, storage space under the seat is limited, an jet type helmet will not be accommodated. Another version called Top Case is offered, which as a surprise offers a top case at the same color of the body work.
     The lock features an anti theft protective cap and a hook is offered for shopping bags. The rider¢s foot floor is level, which permits the transport of larger objects. The LED lights in the front really make a fancy look.

Price 300 GTi: 4440 ¤

Price 300 GTi, Top Case version : 4540 ¤

+Engine performance


+Wide variety of use

+Quality build

-Small storage space under the seat

-ABS (temporarily, ABS models will be imported soon)

Thanks to the motorcycle company V.A. Andriopoulos S.A. , Kymco's official dealer for Patras area, tel.+302610453904-2610452409, Amerikis 63, Patras, Greece, for the test ride.

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