Kymco Agility City 150 (2009-current): Sportive design and character.

     Engine: The small air cooled engine of 149.4 c.c. which is fed via a carburetor, provides decent performance up to 60 Km/h, at speed higher than 80 Km/h, itĘs just average. Specifically it reaches instantly the speed of 20 Km/h, fast at 40 Km/h, ok at 60 Km/h, slowly 80 Km/h, on long straight roads a top speed of 100 Km/h will be reached, on downhill roads 110 Km/h and uphill normally 80 Km/h.
     Actually if rider decides to overtake, that should be done at speed less than 60 Km/h. Ńt higher speed than that, some thought should take place prior to the overtake, as acceleration is almost zero, especially after 80 Km/h. Top power delivery is 10.7 bhp at 7500 rpm and 10.7 Nm of torque at 5500 rpm, nominal values.

     Riding position: The seat height is at a relatively low height for the standards of the category. Its wide enough, only higher than average riders will step very firm feet on the ground. The weight is average, 114 Kg dry. Center of gravity feels really low and physical dimensions are small. On the contrary it features large dimension wheels, 100-80-16 in the front and 120-80-16 rear. The relatively low saddle places the rider mostly in the scooter. This sensation is exaggerated by the relatively high handle bar and the small opaque screen. The riding position is neutral and comfortable.
     On the road: The suspensions are stiff enough for the scooter category and firm enough for the motorcycle category. They make the character of Agility unique, providing very precise feedback on every road surface and speed. On roads featuring many potholes, a lot of vibrations will be felt by the rider. Considering this, when on higher quality city roads, rides are sportive, comfortable, trouble free. Decent feedback is provided to the rider. From the other hand on average city roads, every imperfection is transferred to the rider without really being absorbed.

      Steering lock is average for the category standards, that means good enough, not superb though. Agility from the other hand is exceptional as the model of the scooter declares, thus changing direction is as easy as possible. Small traffic gaps will be exploited, filtering will be easy. However  the height of the handle bar is frequently the same with that of car mirrors.
     Consequently on town rides the stiff suspension on average roads, the average steering lock and the height of the handle bar, in this order, will be the disadvantages for the rider to get used to. Everywhere else, it should be mentioned that Agility provides top class rides.

     On low friction average B roads, potholes and rumbles will be the only features to dissatisfy the rider. They will be vividly felt, despite the 16 inch wheels that the rider would expect to make imperfections …level. Handling is greatly neutral though, really steady. At the same time agility is impressing, there will be nothing to puzzle the rider, on the contrary, the higher the pace, the more comfortable Agility will be. However on potholes,  in ultra fast pace, the rear wheel will not manage to travel along the wavy road surface, it will just pass over. Feedback to the rider is slightly reduced at a pace like this, which is really faster than the usual riding level of a scooter rider.
     On top quality high friction ¬ roads, riding quality, safety levels, steadiness and feedback are superb. ItĘs only when the pace gets fast enough that the engine will feel weak. At even faster pace, rider will start to feel the front end slightly vague and abstracted. Transferring some weight to the front , resolves that to a great extent, confidence will be back, ultra fast scooter riding and nice feedback will be achieved.
     On the highway the engine will set the limits as above 80 Km/h, overtaking is doubtful, as acceleration is almost zero.
    On soil roads the stiff suspension will soon make the ride tedious.
     The front disc brake is adequate and user friendly. The rear disc brake is powerful enough, it will lock the rear wheel even on high friction roads.

     Comments: The level riders feet floor will allow the carry of large objects, the side stand is a standard. The seat cover is a non slide one. Under the seat an open helmet together with a rain coat may be stored, a secondary gloves compartment is provided in the front. Quality built is pretty good. ‘he model Agility was introduced in 2008 by Kymco.
     From 2009 Agility City 150 was introduced, which is the bike tested,  featuring softer suspension.

Price : 1720 §

+ Handling


+ Riding on high standard roads

-Riding on roads featuring imperfections
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