Triumph Speed Triple 1050 (2005-2010): In the shadow of the young brother

     Engine: TORQUE. From 2000 there is so much torque that the bike needs only 3 to 5000 revs for normal use in town.
     Without any steps, there is direct and meaty power output from the low end of the revs up to the rev limiter 10500 rpm, without any noticeable burst. Its so linear that the rated 128 PS seems like 128 as a number and horsepower really, however calmed... Because it is a 1050 cc motorbike, the engine gets hot in town rides, in southern countries.
     On the road:
Town rides are easy and relaxed, the steering lock is very good.  The handlebar is  comfortably set high enough. The bike's width is relatively narrow and permits the bike to filter in traffic. Its very agile.
    On every ride suspension which is not hard, just firm,  offers exemplary feedback to the rider. Out of urban areas its agile, firm, handling is very good. In the fast pace, turning in is at the slow side, very steady and reassuring in the turn. Finally decent brakes, under all circumstances.     
     Comments: On the open road the little fly screen seems to help, a little, the air protection for the rider. The three cylinder engine produces not only raw sound and pleasant vibrations its also a nice pair for the tight suspension. Handling is neutral, feedback is excellent, design is unique, its all about character, declaring that streetfighters should be made this way. All the best then?
     Speaking about character, its some, rare, cases that the young brother (Street Triple) is so successful that has raised the standards so much. Its not that easy then to come up to these expectations, not to mention few more refined design details... They do not address to the same target group, but in specific cases of riders and use, future buyer should consider also the case of the Street Triple, and should not be lured of this engine's  greater capacity. They are so much alike, yet so different...


Price : 12290



-Young brother is outstanding

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