Ducati Monster 620 (2001-2006): Introduction to sport riding

     Engine: From 2500 rpm upwards there is a lot of torque. Very linear up to the top of the range at 9000 rpm.
     The 63 bhp can't really impress as a number, however due to the torque produced, satisfactory performance is achieved, being decent for the majority of the rides that the bike will take.

Engine is adequate, not impressive by numbers

    On the road: On urban rides the handlebar creates a leaning forward riding position. The relatively soft suspension absorbs road imperfections, providing decent feedback to the rider. The same applies to high speed riding, where steering geometry enhances stability, confidence, partly sacrificing instant change of direction though. The cheerful handling character tempts the rider for a play when cornering, even sliding, as a fast naked should do.
     Due to the air resistance at the riders body, on high speed riding, it may be more comfortable than the majority of naked bikes, e.g. at a trip.
     Steel brake hoses are equipped as a standard, being powerful and providing superb feedback, asking for some familiarity from the inexperienced riders if roads are slippery.  

Considered to be cult in our days.

     Comments: Seat height is low, the  relatively little weight is set low, engine output will not scare a novice rider, its a bike that may be considered to be friendly. In town the relatively limited handlebar movement as well as the width of the handlebar may be a disadvantage.
Price Monster 696 : 8980


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