Honda NSS 300 Forza ѬS (2013-current): A PCX 150 on steroids!

Engine: The single cylinder, liquid cooled 279 c.c. engine delivers 26 bhp/ 7500 rpm and 2.63 kgm (19 ft lbs)/ 5000 rpm torque, claimed figures.


Under full throttle acceleration the boost provided is constant, linear and … smooth. Indicatively the speed of 60 km/h (37 mph) is reached fast, the speed of 100 km/h (62 mph) moderately and the top speed of 137 km/h (85 mph) indicated figure, very slowly. 
Thus the power delivery is user friendly, it will not be exciting to a fast rider while it feels quite smoother than the Honda SH 300i. An indicative average fuel consumption figure is 4.2 l/100 km, (67 mpg Imperial).


Riding position: The height of the saddle is low, just 716 mm (28.2 in). However because the saddle is wide, a short rider will not step on  the ground as confidently as he would expect. The rider is placed in the scooter, the riding position is neutral: The arms form a 90˚ angle, the rider feels like sitting on an armchair, which is a convenient position to monitor the traffic ahead.


The dimensions of the scooter are moderate. If the Forza has to be compared with the mega-scooters it feels narrow, while compared to the normal scooters the dimensions are acceptable. Actually itĘs only the length which is slightly increased, (wheelbase 1546 mm - 60.87 in). 
However the weight is large, 194 kg (428 lbs) kerb  and it feels like that, concerning the ABS version of scooter tested. Indicatively if the scooter leans static to either side, a female rider will not be able to lift it back above a certain angle.


The pillion is placed quite higher than the rider, the provided area on the saddle is roomy, the firmness of the saddle is normal, the knees form a comfortable angle, while the grab rail is also handy.


On the road: The firmness of the suspensions is average. The twin shocks at the rear are adjusted at the softest setting by default, a 35 mm fork is equipped at the front. 
‘he OE tyres fitted are Dunlop Scoot Smart with dimensions 120/70-14 at the front and 140/70-13 at the rear. They are considered a good choice for the scooter, providing high mileage, although itĘs not a top choice concerning handling.


On everyday town rides the Forza is a nice scooter, which will meet the expectations of the rider. However it is obvious that due to the increased weight and the small wheels, itĘs not as neutral as the SH 300i on rides like these.


On downtown rides the owner has to keep in mind that he is riding a small mega-scooter. The sensation provided during cornering is exactly that, since on slow curves, rider will feel the inertia, obviously due to the increased weight. Although the wheelbase is the same with that of the Yamaha X-max 250, the Forza is evidently less agile which should be the outcome of the bigger weight. On conditions like these, an SH 300 or even better an SH 150 do get an advantage.


The steering lock is average, it will not be really convenient to the rider who will expect a sharper turning radius from a scooter. Filtering is quite good for the character of the Forza, since despite that the height of the handlebar and the mirrors is the same with the mirrors of the cars and SUVs respectively, the normal width of the scooter does not deteriorate filtering.


The comfort provided over urban imperfections is moderate. Actually rider will notice any bump or pothole, while on poor road surfaces he will be better off if he inclines the torso to the front over any imperfection, so that his back is not affected directly by the impact. Certainly a rider of a normal scooter or a mega-scooter would expect better comfort than this, which is considered a disadvantage for the Forza. The view from the mirrors is superb.

On B-roads the Forza provides a mixture of stability and agility. Once again rider will feel the inertia of the Forza on slow bends due to the weight, while on normal riding the sensation of the Forza is integrated.


At the fast pace the Forza is adequate, maybe due to the OE tyres. The riding commands are followed as a call of duty, although the scooter doesnĘt really enjoy such a riding pace. Eventually the Forza is better than what a rider expects from these wheel dimensions, nothing really better than that. The small dimensions of the wheels are to blame for the vagueness felt during cornering at such a pace.


 On the highway the Forza is very capable referring to the engine. The scooter can maintain a speed of 120-130 km/h (74.5 - 81 mph) in a comfortable manner. However the small wheels will not let the rider to relax if the road features even tiny imperfections. This does not result to edginess, the Forza simply lacks from the distinctive comfort provided by an SH 300 on the open road which is a scooter transformed to a magic carpet on a speed like this.

The air resistance is also felt at the higher area of the torso and to the helmet, which means that if the standard screen is not changed, the rider will be better off with a decent helmet on highway rides. Changing the screen with a bigger one will certainly benefit the comfort felt on rides like these.


On dirt roads the small wheels make the Forza feel rather edgy, while the increased weight requires riderĘs caution so that the scooter will not slide or lean to the side.


‘he brakes are combined (applying the rear the front is also actuated, not the opposite though), equipped also with an ABS in the case of the scooter tested. A single 256 mm rotor together with a two piston caliper are featured at the front and a 240 mm rotor with a single pot caliper are featured at the rear. 
The front brake provides good initial bite and a discreet pulsing. The rear provides good stopping power, and relatively good feedback. Due to the combined operation of the brakes, applying the rear brake will be adequate on any instance. However if the rider wants to apply only the front brake, the braking becomes slightly smoother. The combination of front and rear brakes provides superb braking. 


Comments: The underseat storage space is adequate for two small full-face helmets, although the editorĘs Shoei X-Spirit II X-Twelve) proved too big. Indicatively 2-3 bags from a supermarket will be accommodated under the seat. There is a lockable box at the legshield which is really deep and another one which cannot be locked. Each of them will be indicatively adequate for two pocket cameras. A top box can easily be mounted on the scooter, increasing the storage space.


The white backlight on the clocks and the blue LCD screen are nice. A fuel consumption figure is also provided. The indicators are always lit. Honda introduced the Forza initially in 2000, performing many modifications since then.


Eventually the Forza reminds a lot of the PCX 150 feeling bigger and more powerful. Presumably many advantages and disadvantages of the PCX are maintained such as the low fuel consumption, the average air protection and comfort. Thus HondaĘs line-up consists of two 300 c.c. scooters, the Forza for the riders requiring a small mega-scooter and the SH for the sportier riders out there.


Price ABS: 5690§ 

+ General use in or close to town. 

+ Storage space-limited external dimensions 


 - Weight 

- Air protection


  • Alexphadom
    I agree about weight but the comfort of the ride is very good! I enjoy it. And many people said about air protection...ouf..are we made from sugar? Or from paper? Forza runs 299km per hour? Excuse me, I Haven't any problems about air protection if I don't complain again and again about wind! I'm tired about wind complainers!!! Oh, really! Go ride automobile NO yes, DO NOT RiDE MoTO if you scare about your hair...oh my god!! I ride my forza and I'm complete satisfaction with that! Little more horsepower will be perfect!
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