Piaggio Typhoon 50 (1993-2010) - Used bike test

‘his scooter was a 2010 model with some minor modifications which were negligible in terms of cost, referring to the silencer and transmission. These modifications resulted to the improved top speed of the scooter. 

Engine: The air-cooled single cylinder two stroke 49.4 c.c. engine which is fuelled by a carburettor complies to Euro II emission specifications. The performance of the scooter is …mild for sure. Maximum power is 4.2 bhp/6500 rpm and 0.47 kgm/6000 rpm (3.4 ft lbs/6000 rpm) torque, nominal figures. 
Under full throttle acceleration the scooter reaches the speed of 20 km / h (12.5 mph) quite fast, its relatively fast up to 40 km / h, (25 mph) adequate at 60 km / h (37 mph) and after some time it will reach the top speed of 75 km / h (47 mph). 


Riding position:The seat height is relatively low, certainly its higher than what someone expects form a 50 c.c. scooter. The saddle is soft, getting higher at the rear. The dimensions of the scooter are small. The weight of the Typhoon is very light. Centre of gravity feels low. Rider is placed in and over the scooter, riding position is neutral, providing some alertness to the rider. 


The pillion is seated quite higher than the rider, there is a limited space on the saddle for her/him, the angle formed by the knees is adequate, while the pegs have to be opened by hand. Eventually this is a satisfying pillion position in case of short rides. 


On the road: The firmness of the suspensions is moderate, a single shock is equipped at the rear. Tyres are Chengshin with dimensions 120-90/10 front and rear. They are considered an average choice in terms of handling. 


On town rides the minimal external dimensions and the low weight of the scooter will be very helpful. It is a very agile and quite robust scooter. Urban street imperfections are absorbed adequately with respect to the small (10 inches) wheels dimension. However the large wall tyre height  also compensates the suspension function. 


Filtering is easy due to the compact dimensions of the scooter. It should be noted that the height of the handlebar is the same with that of car mirrors, while the height of the scooterĘs mirrors is the same with that of SUV mirrors. 
Steering lock is exceptional, manoeuvring the Typhoon around cars is a piece of cake. 

On B-roads the scooter is very agile, stable and predictable. Feedback to the rider is relatively good while cornering confidence is pretty good. The superb agility is combined with adequate stability at any given instant. 
Road imperfections are noticed as well as any stones on the tarmac during the bend, due to the small wheels.

At the fast pace on low friction factor roads, the Typhoon is reassuring, although the traction limits are reached without considerable warning. Thus the handling is not predictable under these circumstances. Rider will slow down. On high friction roads the Typhoon provides decent handling.

On dirt roads the Typhoon is generally speaking a comfortable scooter. The comfort provided could belong to a scooter with larger wheels. However there is a disadvantage concerning the small wheels, the scooter gets easily trapped on grooved soil roads. 

The brakes consist of a 220 mm disc brake together with a single piston calliper and rubber brake line at the front and a 140 mm drum brake at the rear. The front brake is relatively weak, that means very linear. Indicatively on decent tarmac road it will be difficult to lock the front wheel. The drum brake at the rear is also linear, providing comparatively good feedback and power.  
In other words, if rider needs an emergency braking, she/he will apply mostly the rear brake. On dirt roads the brakes are very good indeed. 


Comments: The Typhoon is an introductory - youthful bike to the two wheels experience. This is accomplished with a great style and low tag price since is was introduced some 20 years ago. More than 500000 units have been sold, without any major changes since the introduction of the scooter. Reliability is good, although build quality is average.      

The storage space under the seat will just accommodate a normal full face helmet. The feet floor is flat. A centre stand, a kick start, a hook for the shopping bags and a spoiler look pillion grab rail are standard equipment. There is no gloves compartment at the legshield. 

+ Price (used) 

+ User friendly 

- Traction limits are met without adequate warning on slippery roads at the fast pace

Thanks to the Karavados Beach Hotel and it's motorbike rental branch, Saferent, tel. +302671069180 , Kefalonia Greece, for the test ride. 




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