Husqvarna Nuda 900 R (2012- current): German legacy, Italian passion

     This bike derives from Bmw F 800R Chris Pfeiffer model, with some changes concerning the frame, engine, design, etc... 

      Engine: The parallel twin, liquid-cooled, fueled by injection, 898 c.c. engine delivers 105 hp /8500rpm and 10 Kgm/6000rpm torque,(72.3 lbs ft / 6000 rpm) nominal figures. 

      Actually, the sound of the engine is impressive. It's loud, bass and a sporty twin. Rider will certainly like it. Engine performance is powerful and direct, no blank spots are noticed. Boost provided is punchy and easily controlled by the rider. 
     According to the selected gear at the six-speed gearbox, a minimum of 1800 rpm will be required for a surge free acceleration. ItĘs a powerful engine especially at the lower and middle area of the powerband, up to 5-6000 rpm, which is adequate for urban use. Thrust provided is powerful, linear, a wrongly chosen up-shift (or two) will not be a problem. Indicatively 5000 rpm correspond to 120 km/h (75 mph). 
     Engine operation gets gradually raw from the region of 6-7000 rpm upwards. Rev limiter intervenes at 9300 rpm. Top power provided feels like that of the 600 c.c. supersports, it will be satisfying to the majority of the riders, even to the fast ones. In case of fearless riders, accustomed to the 1000 c.c. superbike power, NudaĘs performance will feel ok. 
      Except from the Standard mode, a Rain mapping is there for the rider, which degrades though the engine performance. There are indications on the display concerning the external temperature, fuel consumption, selected speed on the gearbox. An indicative fuel consumption figure is 5.7 l/100km (50 mpg Imperial). 
      Riding position: The seat height is considerable, 910 mm (35.83 in), while the width of the saddle is narrow. This will allow only higher than average stature riders to step a firm foot on the ground. 
      The bike feels relatively light, 191 nominal kg (421 lbs) curb. The width of the bike is narrow, except from the handlebar which is wider than optimal. The following widest area of the bike is the would-be-fuel-tank. 
     Rider is placed clearly over the bike. Riding position is something between comfortable and sporty. RiderĘs torso is slightly inclined to the front, like a lower supermoto or a higher naked. There are some very sophisticated lines at the fuel tank, accommodating nicely riderĘs feet. 
     The saddle area for the pillion is thin, just a hint to the hard side.
      On the road: Suspensions feel comparatively soft, especially the 48 mm Sachs fork. The Ohlins shock at the R version, is not equipped with a linkage. Suspensions are fully adjustable.
      OE tires fitted are Metzeler Sportec M5, with dimensions 120-70/17 at the front and 180-55/17 at the rear. They are considered to be a moderate choice for this bike, which doesnĘt enhance handling. 
      Riding the bike, the first thing to be noticed is the superb agility. It is a top class agility in the 800 cc category and a superb one for the 600 c.c. class, resulting to an extremely flickable bike. The wide handlebar also provides a great lever, in order to change direction. 
      On town rides, the superb agility together with the linear throttle response, will be very helpful. The Nuda is a very capable commuting bike. The joyful and vividly sporty bike character will transform the procedure of commuting into engaging rides. 
      On downtown rides, steering lock is superb. Rider will take advantage of any traffic gap. 
      At the process of filtering, the only problem that rider may face, derives from the handlebar. It is slightly wider than ideal, while at the same height with that of SUV mirrors. 
     Suspensions will provide comfort over street imperfections, providing though a feeling of robustness at the same time.
      Consequently, town rides on the Nuda provide alertness, due to the engine performance, riding position and agility, resulting to a clearly sporty mood. 
      On B – roads, the combination of the three factors described above, engine-riding position and agility, will excite rider's senses. The sound produced by the engine is fascinating, riding position is superb for nimble riding, the relatively wide handle bar provides good leverage and agility. ItĘs a motorcycle screaming ATTACK! 
      In case that rider manages to remain indifferent, riding leisurely on B - roads, he will feel that this is a perfectly balanced bike for this purpose. After this mental achievement, this specific biker, is surely able to become a monk. Reading the technical data sheet of the motorcycle, especially the 1495 mm (58.86 in) wheelbase part, rider would certainly expect slower bike cornering. Well real life can be very surprising. Also suspensions are set right, between ride and handling, absorbing street imperfections the way they should.
      At the fast pace, rider feels somewhat like …free. The superb agility is striking, transforming the bike into a very fast and pleasant bike on slow-average bends, changing direction instantly. The direct two cylinder power, catapults the bike at the exit of every bend. 
     On average-fast bends, the bike is not really neutral mid-turn. Thus while rider may adopt any of the two riding techniques, the bike will ask a supermoto riding style even on fast bends. 
     In case that rider will ride the Nuda on a street style, due to the immense agility, rider will not feel the required peace mid-turn, especially on slippery roads. These are valid for a track-day riding pace, where tyres fitted are not really suitable, especially concerning feedback to the rider. 
     At such a pace, on low-average friction factor roads, the top-class agility may result in a wobble from the bikeĘs front end over bumps, requiring a steering damper. 
      On the highway, the diminished air protection, will impose a travelling speed of 140-150 km/h (87-93 mph), the most. This is the only restriction asked, the engine runs very comfortably on such a speed, while the stability provided is quite good. Top indicated speed is 220 km/h (137 mph), tank range is 230 km (143 miles). 
      On dirt roads Nuda is comfortable and joyful. The on-road tyres do not provide sufficient grip of course.
     There are two 320 mm disc brakes at the front, four piston radial monoblock calipers, a single 265 mm disc brake, one piston calliper at the rear.
      Braking is very powerful, providing to the rider as much decelerating power as the system tires-road can handle and a lot more than that. Braking linearity will be very helpful to the rider, at any programmed braking case. 
     Feedback to the rider is good on both ends. The bike is not equipped with an  ABS system for the time being. On extensive braking, the front end dives considerably, asking for some fork stiffening. 
      Model history/versions/optional/reliability/quality build: The history of Husqvarna motorcycles started in Sweden in 1903. Up to 1961 (!) the factory was manufacturing street bikes also. From that year onwards, they were devoted in enduro, motocross and supermoto bikes recently. In 1987 Husqvarna was sold to Cagiva, in 2007 to the Bmw. 
     Nuda is based on Bmw F800R Chris Pfeiffer, featuring some changes concerning a shorter frame by 50 mm (2 in), a bigger engine (898 cc), design changes, etc..
      There are two versions of the Nuda available, the base model (black) and the R (red). Their differences are located in the saddle, the fully adjustable suspensions at the R version, the shock at the R version is Ohlins, the front brake calipers are different. The performance of the engines is the same. 
     Optional extras include panniers, heated grips and a higher screen.
     The bike is manufactured in Italy. Since the engine derives from BmwĘs F800R, there shouldnĘt be any reliability issue, due to modifications performed. Build quality is very good.
      Comments: NudaĘs design is minimal, with some fine details though. The minimal pillion grips and the fuel tank which somewhat reminds of the Husqvarna emblem are an example. The case of the front fender is unique in the history of motorcycling! Looking the Nuda from her sides, she reminds of the whole Husqvarna line-up, which is closer to a Hypermotard than a naked bike. 

      The battery is imprisoned between the Trellis tubes and just behind the cylinder block. ItĘs a detail which could be improved in the future. The chain is located at the right side of the bike, the tire valves are positioned on the rims. The horn and indicatorĘs switches have mutually changed places, which is common in recent Bmw and Honda bikes. The fuel tank is virtually under the saddle. 
      Riding the Nuda R creates an evidently sporty feeling, which can be an advantage to some riders, a disadvantage to others. It could be perceived as an even wilder, more agile Bmw F800R Chris Pfeiffer, that review is posted here. It should be noted that quite unexpectedly, a kind of this riding potential is provided by the Bmw also. Thus the Nuda R could be considered as a German bike, featuring Italian passion.

 Price Nuda: 9990 Euros 

 Price Nuda R: 11590 Euros 

 + Prominent sporty character 

 + Fuel consumption

- Uni-dimensional sporty character, handling is not outstanding for the standards of the category though

- ABS is not an optional for the time being.

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