Peugeot SUM-UP125 : Cheap agility.

     The scooter reviewed was used, with 11500 Km clocked.

     Engine: The air-cooled, single cylinder two valve 124.6 c.c. engine delivers 7.3 bhp, claimed value. Its fueled via a carburetor.

     Actually under full throttle acceleration, the scooter is very fast up to the speed of 20 Km/h, quite fast up to 40 Km/h, adequate up to 60 Km/h, slow to 80 Km/h, the top speed of 90 Km/h requires some additional time. The speed figures described are dash indications observed at the specific used scooter reviewed.
     Riding position: The saddle height is low, 770 mm. However due to the increased saddle width, short riders will not be as confident as they would assume.
     The width of the scooter is small. Due to the width of the legshield though especially at the area of riderĒs feet, the width of the scooter is increased at the specific area. Consequently protection from the elements is increased. The length and height of the scooter are average, that is relatively small.
     SUM-UP is a light scooter, 115 Kg nominal dry. Rider is positioned in and over the scooter, riding position is neutral.
     On the road: The fork feels soft, the two shocks at the rear provide average firmness.
     The tyres at the scooter tested were Metzeler ME TEEN, with dimensions 130/60-13 front and rear. They are considered to be an average choice especially on low friction factor streets.
     On urban rides the SUM-UP will make commuting an easy task. Agility is superb. Due to the weak engine performance, it will be most pleasant when riding around the neighborhoods.
     Rider will feel puzzled if he attempts riding on a fast lane.
     At the process of filtering the small width of the scooter will be most helpful, despite that the handlebarĒs and mirrorĒs height is the same with carsĒ and SUVsĒ mirrors height respectively.
     Steering lock is also excellent, maneuvering around traffic will be really easy.
     Comfort over street imperfections is average, something to be expected from a scooter. The small wheels cannot compensate absorbing road imperfections sufficiently.

     On B-roads, scooterĒs agility is stunning. Feedback to the rider is average though, which could be also due to the tyres mounted. Road imperfections are absorbed moderately, once more.
     A disc brake, one piston caliper is equipped at the front and a drum brake at the rear. The disc brake provides relatively good stopping power, average feedback though. The drum brake provides average stopping power and feedback. The operation of the rear brake was rather firm. Conclusively braking performance is relatively good.
     Comments: There is no gloves compartment at the legshield, only a hook for shopping bags. The storage spaceĒs height under the seat could be adequate for a small full face helmet, a normal one will not be accommodated. There is free space around the helmet though. There is a centre and a kick stand available. A step through design is there for the rider.
     The red light at the dash indicators is an interesting design detail. The muffler, the scoops at the legshield, the mirrors and generally the scooterĒs design provide a unique appearance to the SUM-UP. Looking to the scoter from a distance, it resembles to the iconic Speedfight, kind of swollen though!
     This scooter targets to consumers in search of a low tag price, which is low indeed. However there is no need for an rpm meter, which increases the price, being virtually useless at the scooter category.
     Additionally, at the riderĒs “office”, that is well within the riderĒs vision on the scooter, a transparent-would be-indication for the brake fluid level, with no use whatsoever. Manufacturing country is China, of course with PeugeotĒs exact specifications.
Price used: 990 Euros

Price new: 1629 Euros

+ Low tag price

+ Agility

- Performance

- Comfort on bumpy roads

More, specifications (Belgium)

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Baxevanis - Honda, tel.+302109237000, Kalirois 12, Athens, Greece, for the test ride.


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