Project bike. Spiliotis-Yamaha FZ1 ABS 2009: Clothes don't make the man?

     Engine: The standard four cylinder, 998 cc engine delivers 150 hp / 11000 rpm and 10.8 kgm / 8000 rpm torque, claimed values.
     Regarding this project bike the air filter is changed to a Pipercross one, while the exhaust fitted is a Remus hexacone.
     Compared to a standard FZ1, power delivery is punchier throughout the power band, it could be roughly at 145 bhp, real power. Engine performance is very linear, as well as clearly improved at the lower part of the power band.
     Although the tyres fitted were not the most suitable for a bike test, accelerating the bike from only 2500 rpm, would cause a rear wheel spin on low friction streets, regardless of the tyre temperature. From the other hand few instant power delivery interruptions may be noticed at the lowest part of the power band.
     Power delivered is really punchy, as an indication the speed of 240 Km/h is easily reached on a straight line, no matter if the road is uphill or not.
     Riding position: The seat height is relatively large, riders to the tall side or even higher will be satisfied.
     The dimensions of the bike are decreased compared to 1000 c.c. bike standards, especially the length. The standard fuel tank is kind of wide, which is not bothering.
     The weight of the bike feels light, although its 221 Kgs nominal, curb. Rider is placed mainly over the bike. Riding position provides alertness.
     On the road: The suspension of the bike is the factory standard. The tyres fitted were Dunlop Sportmax D221 with dimensions 120/70-17 front and 190/50-17 rear. They are considered a moderate option for a nimble pace, not suitable for low friction roads especially on a naked bike.
     On town rides, the bike tested feels like a stock FZ1, except from the engine which is more powerful at the low end.
     Agility is very helpful when commuting. It is a user friendly 1000 c.c. bike that will tempt the rider, to open the throttle at any short stretch of the road.
     Comfort to the rider over street imperfections is good. Steering lock could be increased. In the process of filtering the FZ1 will not ask for compromises.
     On B - roads the FZ1 is robust and agile. The playful character of the bike is evident, while rider feels confident to charge. The steering damper fitted, set to the middle, decreases the superb agility of the stock model, favoring stability.
     At the fast pace on average friction factor B-roads, rider feels confident to charge although the tyres fitted will require a slower riding pace.
     On high friction factor B-roads the FZ1 is robust and playful. The balance between these two features will satisfy the rider.
     Again the tyres fitted will eventually become inappropriate for a high riding pace while suspension provides average feedback. Especially on sweepers suspension is soft.
     With numerous aftermarket extras fitted on the bike, the stock suspension feels like a disadvantage for the particular FZ1 at the fast pace!
     On the highway, the naked bikes disease will affect the FZ1. The after market screen increases somewhat the cruising speed, however no miracles are performed, rider gets beaten by air while the 1000 c.c. engine yawns.
     The stock brakes consist of two 320 mm disk brakes at the front and a rear 245 mm disc brake, ABS is standard. Four-piston calipers are equipped at the front and a two piston caliper at the rear.
     They provide very good braking power, which is sufficient for the user friendly and sporty nature of the bike.

     Comments: The white - red paint is standard. Due to the numerous extras fitted, the appearance of the bike is unique.
     There are many riders who seek diversity in their bike, fitting many accessories.
     Apart from the striking appearance, these specific parts installed to this FZ1, coincided with the character of the bike, the FZ1 is still a playful, user friendly 1000 c.c. naked bike.
     For the real speed junkies this FZ1 will require tyre replacement with a softer compound and decent suspension. Engine performance is definitely satisfying.
     Conversions: Pipercross air filter, Remus Hexacone exhaust, radiator hoses, undertail, radiator guards, Matris titanium steering damper, gelatin Fabri Gen-X, crash protectors.
Price: 12000

+ Uniqueness

+ Engine performance

- Next proposed upgrade: tyres - suspension.


Thanks to Yamaha Center Spiliotis, Thivwn 129, Peristeri, Athens, Greece, tel. +302105777906, for the bike test.


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