Suzuki RV125 VanVan : The alternative choice in the 125 c.c. category

     The bike under test was almost new. An improvement to the performance described should be expected.

     Engine: The single-cylinder air-cooled 125 cc engine delivers 12 bhp/9000 rpm and 1Kgm/7800 rpm torque, claimed values.
     Under full throttle acceleration, not really as dramatic as it sounds, the bike accelerates extremely quickly to 20 km / h, is very quick up to 40 km / h, easily reaches 60 km / h and reaches 80 km / h comfortably. Top speed at 110 km / h. Taken from indicated figures.

     Naturally, if rider does not push the engine to its limits, the performance described is much worse. On the highway a constant speed of 90-100 km / h may be maintained. However despite the six speed gearbox, engine sounds like struggling.
     Consequently engine performance is weak, given the combination of weight and wide bike tyres. Torque is relatively good, top power performance is average.

     Riding position: The saddle height is too low, 770 mm, the width of the seat is small, throughout its length. All riders regardless of sex and height will certainly step both feet firm on the ground.
     The dimensions of the bike are relatively small, except from the width, which increases due to the handlebar. The advantage from a wide handlebar is that it provides great lever when maneuvering the bike. The indicators are protruding as much as the riderĘs feet do.
     Generally speaking, the weight of the bike is moderate, at 128 Kg curb. However for the 125 cc air cooled bikes category standards, its considerable. Center of gravity is relatively low.
     Rider is placed clearly on the motorcycle. Perhaps because of the handlebar, rider may feel a little in the bike also. The riding position is very neutral, relaxed.

     On the road: Suspension feels soft. The Dunlop K180 tyres of the motorcycle have dimensions 130/80-18 to the front and 180/80-14 to the rear.
     Riding position relieves the stress on urban rides, which is very important. Rider is proposed to relax instead of speeding to catch up. Engine torque, combined with the low seat make the VanVan a neutral bike for urban use. At the same time its also quite agile, really adequate through city traffic.
      On high quality urban roads, riding is very good. On streets of poor quality, despite the fat tyres, imperfections are not absorbed well. Wherever this is permitted, on traffic congested streets, ascending or descending pavements is as easy as possible.

     In the process of filtering, the height of the bikeĘs handlebar and mirrors is the same with that of passenger cars and SUVs mirrors respectively. Combined with the increased width of the handlebar, the filtering of the RV is moderate. On traffic congested streets, while filtering, rider will sometimes feel kind enough, to give way to fellow motorcyclists on mopeds-scooters to go ahead.
     Steering lock is very good, it will not be a problem through traffic. On the other hand, the wide handlebar causes riderĘs hands to be stretched close to the end of the steering lock motion.
     On B-roads a sensation combining agility and stability is provided to the rider. Again despite the wide tires, its an agile bike. At this exact aspect it can not compete with mopeds or scooters. Overall its a very neutral motorcycle that will satisfy the rider.

     At a faster pace, uncertainty is introduced early, rider will not be able to push, only on  high friction factor roads. This is due to the wide tires. The little power provided by the engine will put an end to any attempt for fast riding.

     On the highway the bike will just permit short rides, it will not travel. The engine feels stressed at speed which is essential for such use.
     On dirt roads the bike is comfortable. The low seat height combined with the wide tyres provide confidence to the rider, especially in the case of a novice one.

     Ground clearance is very satisfactory for common dirt rides, it will not be enough for anything close to fast pace. At the same time the relatively small wheels get affected by grooves on soil roads, a little caution is necessary at this point.
     A two piston calliper, single disc brake is used at the front, together with a drum brake at the rear. The disc brake is powerful, providing relatively good feedback. Under hard braking the diving of the front end is considerable. The rear brake is relatively powerful, providing relatively good feedback.
     Comments: A top case is provided. Compared with the slim design of the RV, it looks relatively bulky. The side view of the headlamp and speedometer is very nostalgic.
     This is a user friendly motorcycle for short or inexperienced riders. It gives them the option to ride on dirt roads, where taller bikes dominate.
     The design of the bike is timeless and unique. On the road the VanVan cannot be confused with any other bike today. Thus, apart from the retro looks it gives a sense of uniqueness to the owner.
     This model was presented in 1972 with a two-stroke air-cooled engine of 50-70-90-125 cc, it was produced till 1981. Production began again in 2003 with a four-stroke 125 cc engine, the RV still continues ...

Price: 3495 §

+ User friendly

+ Alternative design

+ Dirt road riding

- Engine performance

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