Modenas Kriss 125 (2008-current): A frugal - sporty touch

     The bike tested had clocked 21000 km.

     Engine: The air-cooled single cylinder engine of 120 c.c. fed by a carburettor, delivers 10 bhp, nominal value.
     Actually the speed of 30 km / h is achieved immediately, the Kriss is very fast up to 50 km / h, fast at 60 km / h, relatively fast at 80 km / h, OK at 100 km / h. Top speed is 120 km / h, while on downhill roads it may be 145 km / h, indicated figures.
     The gearbox is rotational, as an example with the fourth speed selected, if rider presses the gear lever down, first gear will be engaged again. Gearbox is accurate, while the foot travel needed for gear changes is relatively large.

     Finally, top end power feels average, the performance provided by the engine operation is rather smooth. Fuel consumption is low.
     RiderĘs right leg is in frequent contact with the kick starter whenever there is a need to step down or during riding. Some caution is needed then as this may cause the kick starter's pinion gear to be slightly heard. Of course there isnĘt any danger for the rider or the engine, its just something for the rider to get initially used to.

     Riding position: To seat height is low. The width of the seat is narrow, even short riders will step both their feet firm on the ground.
     The dimensions of the bike are small. The handlebar width is increased, however this will not affect riding in practice. Rider is placed mostly in the bike than on it, riding position is neutral.

     The weight feels average for the category standards, 101 Kg nominal, while centre of gravity is low.
     The dimension of the tyres is 2.5 / 17 at the front and 2.75 / 17 at the rear.

     On the road: The firmness of the fork is average, just a touch to the soft side. The two factory installed Kayaba shocks at the rear feel relatively soft, although spring preload is adjustable.

     City rides are very convenient with the Kriss moped, it will easily serve riderĘs commuting needs.
     During filtering the handlebar height is the same with that of car mirrors while the height of the mopedĘs mirrors is the same with that of SUV mirrors. However because of the bikeĘs small dimensions, filtering will not be a problem for the rider.
     Steering lock is superb, rider will take advantage of very small gaps in traffic.
     Agility is excellent as one would expect.
     Despite the shockĘs famous brand, rider will often feel the imperfections of city streets.

     On B-roads, Kriss provides a robust feeling, confidence to the rider is very good, while feedback to the rider is relatively good. The latter may be improved by decent tyres fitted. Road imperfections will be felt sometimes.

     The front disc brake is equipped with a two-piston calliper while a drum brake is used at the rear. The powerful front disc brake provides relatively good feedback to the rider. The rear drum brake provides average power and feedback to the rider.

     Comments: The storage space under the seat is adequate for the bike's paperwork and a pair of gloves.
     A switch at the right side of the handle bar turns the lights on or off, which is considered old fashioned nowadays.
     Despite its impressive design, riding provides just a sporty touch because of the suspension, which will not really be appreciated by everybody. At this point, Kriss has begun to show its design age in relation to the improved competition.
     Finally, design as well as economy in terms of tag price and fuel consumption will be the KrissĘs advantages for the future buyers.
Price new: 1695 §

+ Design

- Comfort

More, specifications

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Tsetselis, tel. +302105737379, Thivwn 103, Peristeri, Athens, Greece for the test ride.


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