During the 2013 World Industrial Design Day, CNN, the American television network and point of reference for information on a planetary level, asked 12 international experts, authorities recognised worldwide in the field of design, to identify the ideas that have marked industrial creativity, the most significant and most successful in the last 100 years. 

In the justification which placed Vespa among the twelve items that have made history one can read: “The Vespa unisex design is ingenious, it can be driven indifferently and with elegance by both finely dressed men as well as women wearing a skirt. Immortalised by Fellini in La Dolce Vita, loved by the Beatles, the Vespa has had a profound impact on culture and society”. 
Some other products distinguished were Apple Macintosh pc, Bang & Olufsen stereo, Ford model T car and Airbus A380 airplane. The inclusion of the AK-47 weapon is  puzzling to us, although the happiness brought to humanity by these products was not the key factor!