The SH Mode 125 features a comfortable and upright riding position plus compact body style and low seat height 765 mm (SH 125-150 799mm). The wheelbase is shorter than that of the SH 125, the weight is lighter. 

The rear wheel is 14 inch instead of 16 inches in the case of the SH 125, featuring a drum rear brake.   The brakes are CBS. A full-face size helmet can be stored under the seat. 

The Idle Stop engine is the same with the SH 125, delivering 11.26 bhp/8500 rpm and 1.22 kgm/5000 rpm torque. Thus fuel consumption could be as low as 2 l/100km, (141 mpg Imperial).  It is not certain if there are any suspension changes, although that is very possible.  The estimated price in Europe is about 2650 Euros.
Perhaps Honda wanted to produce a scooter suitable to a wide range of riders whose top priority is not performance, or handling as that was the case with the SH 150 in the recent years. These riders could seek for usability combined with increased active safety, hence an improved handling over the PCX 125 should be expected. As always, time will tell!