The new Yamaha Tricity is a light three wheeled scooter powered by a liquid cooled 125 c.c. engine. ‘he weight is just 152 kg (335 lbs) wet. 
The distance between the wheels is narrow which makes riding easier, comparable with that of a scooter. 
The alloy wheels are 14 inches at the front and 12 at the rear. Combined disk brakes are featured front and rear. 
The storage space is adequate for a full face helmet. The lights are LED front and rear. 
The colors will be red, grey and white. 
The Tricity will be available from September 2014 and the price is expected at the region of §4.000.



A spy- inside look at Yamaha tricity which will be introduced today


The three wheeler bike will be powered by a 125 c.c. 4V four stroke engine. The weight will be very low at 150 kg (331 lbs), as well as the price, about §4000. It will be available by summer 2014. A full face helmet may be accommodated under the seat. It may be ridden with a B car driving license.


Yamaha will launch a three-wheeler in 2014, as well as the SR 400! 

 This plan was revealed at a business briefing earlier this week in Tokyo. The new bike is named LMW (Leaning Multi-Wheel) as there are two wheels at the front. 


The bike will be introduced at the Tokyo Motor Show (it could also be the Eicma Motor Show) in November.

Thus Yamaha seems to abandon the futuristic Tesseract which was presented at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show although it never made it to the showrooms. 

Additionally a recreational 4WD small off-road vehicle called the Viking is being launched in 2013. These two products are part of YamahaĘs mid-term plan (2013-2015). 

Yamaha will develop the bikes globally instead of focusing on specific markets. The fuel economy will be a key factor for Yamaha in the future.

Celebrating its 35th anniversary in the Japanese market, the … eternal SR 400 will also be presented at the Eicma Motor Show. The bike will be customized by Wrenchmonkees and  EDO, some previous examples of their work are shown above. ‘he SR 400 could be imported once more to Europe, although based on the prices in Japan, it is not expected to be quite cheap.