Two new versions, the Sport and Business will sold in 2013 for the 300 and 500 c.c. Piaggio˘s MP3. The differences refer mostly to colors. The sport or business version is written on a decal at the rear of the scooter, where the storage space may be revealed. The storage space has got a capacity of 50 l., while objects up to 1 m (39.4 in) long may be carried. 


Except from the USB plug, the two variants provide a PMP (Piaggio Multimedia Platform), which connects the rider's Smartphone with the scooter, transforming the phone to an on-board computer. The Sport is provided in three paintjobs, matt black, grey and white. The price in Italy is 6600 Euros for the 300 c.c. variant and 8400 Euros for the 500  c.c. sibling. 
The prices for the Business versions are more expensive by 100 Euros.