It is designed by Antro, a Hungarian nonprofit devoted to developing green transportation methods. The MOVEO is an electric scooter that folds in two and can be wheeled around like a rolling suitcase. 

The scooter weighs just 25 kilograms (55 lbs), so instead of looking for a parking space on the street, users can simply fold it, a process that takes just two minutes. The scooter reveals then its hidden handle, with which the user can roll it along eg in an apartment. 

Though the scooter isnĘt in production yet, it could be so as early as next year. The initial production is dependent on how much funds the company can raise. If sufficient funds are raised, the company plans to mass produce 15,000 units each year, with each costing about 2300 Ňuros - $3100. However, if there is a lack of funds, the company will still be producing 4000 scooters annually, while in this case each unit will cost 3500 Euros - $4600. 

The data: Foldable electric scooter with in built electric wheel motor, lithium-ion battery. Light carbon fiber composite body. Weight: 25 kg, (55 lbs), speed: 45-50 km/h (28-31mph), range: 35/70 km, (22-44 mi), consumption: 2 kWh/100 km, battery durability: 35.000 km (22000 mi).