Over 500,000 Piaggio Typhoon scooters have been sold up to date. This model is one of the most characteristic and successful scooter models.

     Despite the face lift, the frame and engine are also changed.

     Two engine types are available for the new Typhoon. The four stroke air cooled 124 c.c. version, fed by a carburetor, providing 9.6bhp/8500rpm and 8.2 Nm/7500rpm torque.

     The smaller two stroke 49.4 c.c. engine , provides 4.2bhp/6500rpm and 4.6Nm/6000rpm torque.

     The dimension of the wheels is 12 inches, a disc brake is used at the front while a drum brake at the rear.

     The height of the tyres is considerable, the tyre pattern is intermediate  prompting for light off-road use, a characteristic element of every Typhoon.

     The seat height is considered to be user friendly, at 765mm.

     Price for the 50 c.c. version is 1645, while for the 125 version its 1745.
      Comment: An all times classic, yet youthful suggestion. In theory, the difference in power delivery between the two engine versions, is considerable.