Concept or not?

     The design is impressive, sporty and aggressive. However the information that may be concluded by the press release is little. A USD fork is used, a single arm and horizontal shock at the rear.

     ABS brakes are used. Two disk rotors at the front, radial brake calipers, a single disc rotor at the rear.

     There will not be any mirrors, two cameras will be used at the rear of the scooter, providing image on two LCD displays on the cockpit. A third display will be monitoring riding data.

     There are design details from the GS and S1000RR family.

     There will be two versions with two-cylinder inline, internal combustion engines. An electric engine may be introduced in the future.
     The outstanding motorcycle handling will be combined with scooter agility. The premium segment of scooter sales is targeted. This scooter could be manufactured in the BMW Motorrad plant in Berlin.

     Comment: Ét seems that it will be a luxurious-super rival of T-max and GP800.