The new Vespa GTS features 
 - New front ESS suspension -
 - 2-channel ABS braking system -
 - ASR traction control -
 - Vespa Multimedia Platform to connect a smartphone to the Vespa 

Thus the technical equipment on the Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super include the adoption of a new ESS front suspension, already introduced successfully on the Vespa Primavera and Vespa Sprint. This results to increased riding comfort. 

The sportiest Vespa gets a new and more spacious helmet compartment, a more comfortable saddle and a latest generation instrument cluster. 
For the first time on the Vespa GTS the sophisticated Multimedia Platform is available that allows a smartphone to be connected to the on board electronic system, transforming it into a multi-functional tool, an real and sophisticated computer capable of simultaneously displaying information such as speedometer and tachometer data, but also engine power and torque, longitudinal acceleration, instant and average fuel consumption, average speed, battery voltage, maps and routes, tyre condition monitoring feature (available only for the ABS/ASR versions) etc. 
One of the many features provided by pairing your smartphone with your Vespa is the parked Vespa finder, certain to be popular with more distracted riders. In fact, the system automatically remembers the vehicle's last position before the engine was switched off, thereby helping you find your Vespa if you forget where you left it. 

All models in the new Vespa GTS and Vespa GTS Super range come standard with a USB port located in the leg shield back plate compartment, convenient for recharging any external device, while the front turn indicators contain a series of LEDs that act as daylight running lights.