Helmet: Arai Quantum (in USA, Canada and Australia: RX-Q) (2010-current): One helmet, every possible use

      In theory: Arai by the whole network of dealers, pioneers, introducing the campaign “Ride before you buy”. It’s a test ride procedure, concerning the Quantum model.
     The test may be done at the representatives’ office , M.C. MOTOR IMPORT S.A., Michalakopoulou 44, Athens, or by associated shops. The cost is zero, an I.D. will be needed. The duration of the test for the public is one hour.
     The colour of the helmet which is vivid yellow and the special stickers, remind that this is a test ride helmet. Future buyer will choose from a wide range among various colours and graphics, this yellow one is not included in the range. There are several sizes for the test ride helmet.
     This new for the 2010 helmet belongs to the sport - touring category and replaces the Viper GT model. Compared with Viper GT there are the following changes: 1) Wider aperture opening, enhancing peripheral vision. 2) New inner liner material which keeps rider’s head cooler and drier. 3) Tabs which help removing the cheek pads. This may be useful by doctors in case of an accident for the easier and safer removal of the helmet. Only the end of the orange tabs is visible.
     The Quantum helmet has no expiration date. It is sold with a five years guarantee. A retractable chin spoiler  improves air flow. The interior is fully removable, washable and pads of different thickness sizes may be combined to produce a personalized fit. The visor is virtually unbreakable, no tools are required for the removal. An anti fog inner visor is provided as a standard. A double-D strap closure is used. The end of the tab may be secured.
     Adjustments: The representatives of Arai are willing to explain in detail the characteristics and operation of the helmet. They will warp the visor frightfully in order to prove that it is unbreakable.
     The visor lock switch is black and it is situated at the bottom left side. It is activated by pressing to the inside, it will lock by pressing to the front, a second click will be needed just to open a small crack for the summer town use. Rider will unlock the visor by setting the switch to default, puling outwards and upwards.
     Many air vents are used serving as inlets or outlets of air flow, featuring many adjustments as well. Specifically the chin inlet may be adjusted in three modes, closed-intermediate-open. An integrated air filter is used. Two brow air inlets for the visor feature the same adjustments. Two air inlets at the front top part of the helmet, two adjustments available, open – closed. Two air outlets at the rear top of the helmet , three adjustments available, closed – intermediate – open. Two permanent open outlets at the rear bottom of the helmet.

     On the road: The test was conducted at the first days of October, at a sunny and warm day in Athens, really low wind. A Ducati Hypermotard 796 was used for the evaluation, as air protection by the bike is virtually none. No ear plugs were used of course.
     The yellow colour doesn’t make this helmet desirable. Quality build is superb. The weight of the helmet is average, 1500 g. The double D strap will not puzzle the experienced rider.
     The fit of the helmet is really good. Ear canal is closed, hence soundproofing is really good. Comfort to the rider is superb.
     If air vents are closed, οn town rides it’s a very quite, rider gets warm, although no sweat was noticed at the duration of the test. Opening the air vents in town traffic makes it very cool. Actually even without producing a crack to the visor by the appropriate switch, the air flow and coolness to the rider is close to that of a jet helmet. Peripheral vision is unobstructed. Riders who are in need for great safety in town use, no compromises asked in safety terms, Quantum is a top choice.
     Out of urban areas, if vents are open, Quantum is really cool and at least due to the closed ear canal, very quiet. If vents are closed it becomes even more quiet. With this adjustment on a sporty ride, very twisty road and 50-150 Km/h speed, no sufficient air ventilation was produced. Ride got warm. As soon as air vents were opened again, this problem was immediately solved, coolness and ventilation became top class, once more.
     On the highway, indicated speed between 150-190 Km/h, vents closed, Quantum is really quiet. Opening the vents sound level is not greatly increased, it is considered to be a quiet helmet. Directivity and stability are not influenced by air resistance , no head oscillation was noticed. The weight of the helmet did not bother or even noticed at the whole duration of the test.
     The adjustable mechanism of the visor was awkward in the beginning of the test. Some time is required from riders who are not used to Arai helmets. Arai users will not face any problem whatsoever. Due to the relatively small air vents switches, rider will have some difficulty to adjust some of them wearing winter gloves, if the bike is moving.

     Conclusion: Quantum is a hand made, qualitative, comfortable and quiet helmet, that will serve for a wide range of use. Due to many vents and their adjustments, rider may choose exactly the ventilation that it is needed. Many combinations may be achieved between the two opposite adjustments: Fully open to totally closed. It will be used twelve months a year, especially in summer and town, or spirited riding. Actually it will be almost as comfortable as a jet helmet then. On a winter trip the rider’s head will be very insulated.
     At the opposite, some familiarization will be asked to non Arai users because of the small air vents switches.

Price paying with credit card: Single color 595 €, graphics 695 €
Visor clear or tinted : 90 €.



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-Small vents switches for winter gloves use, while on the go


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