Suzuki DL650 V-Strom ABS (2004-2011) : Stability and power

     Engine: Its one of the great advantages of this bike. Torque is adequate from 2500 rpm, power builds up strongly and linear up to 7500 rpm. There is no point pushing the revs further.  The best power range is between 4000 and 6500 rpm. Nominal power output is 70 bhp and top speed of 200 Km/h.
     On the road: The seat is wide, at a normal height for this category. Suspension is to the firm side. Rider is positioned rather high, monitoring without obstacles road conditions. The extended steering radius will be a help to take advantage of gaps in traffic.
     Out of urban areas the bike is stable, sure footed, providing very good feedback. Rides are classy on asphalt roads, sacrificing agility though. The use of the bike is pushed  towards to on the road than off the  road. Therefore swift asphalt rides are superb for the standards of the category.
     The DLV will just step on soil roads, as tyres, weght, bulk and ground clearance will prevent the rider to speed up the pace of the ride.
      The ABS brakes add a lot to safety, however the feeling is average.

     Comments: Compared with its rivals, it is bulky, powerful, inexpensive. The bike provides high tank range and high wind protection  from the screen that may be adjusted. As a result  it can comfortably travel into National roads. Build quality could be better.

Price : 6995

+Engine performance



-Average feedback when braking

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