Its classic lines give a timeless image but what really makes this urban runabout special is its combination of an ultra-compact chassis with a lively engine. With a low seat height (755 mm – 29.72 in) and weighing 98kg (216 lbs), the D'elight seems to handle more like a 50cc scooter, making it very easy to ride around town. This scooter is called Nozza in Vietnam. The price is expected between 1900 and 2000 Euros.

Features: The 114 c.c. air cooled engine delivers 7.1 bhp/7000 rpm and 0.77 kgm/5500 rpm (5.6 ft lbs/5500 rpm). Low seat height and easy footboard access. The scooter is equipped with lightweight 3-spoke alloy wheels, 180mm front disc, and a 130 mm drum brake at the rear. Underseat storage for demi-jet type helmet. Short front and rear suspension travel (85-70 mm / 3.34-2.76 in). 90/90-12 front and rear tyres.