Radical changes to the 2014 Yamaha YZ 450F and YZ 250F motocrossers. 

The YZ 450F gets a new frame which is smaller and could belong to the 250 c.c. category dimensions. The engine is the same to the 2013 with some tweaks though. The nominal weight is 111 kg wet (including full oil and fuel tank). 

The YZ 250F is a totally new bike, sharing almost the same frame with the 2014 YZ 450F. The engine is also new, resembling to the 2013-4 YZ 450F layout. The nominal weight is 105 kg wet (including full oil and fuel tank). 

The styling and the price is very close for the two 2014 YZ bikes, which is a good news for the 450 (price) and for the 250 (styling).