The new version of the Triumph Tiger is named Triumph Tiger Sport 1050. 

     The bike is equipped with a new single-side swingarm, wheels, sub-frame and upgraded fully adjustable suspensions. 

     Steering geometry is marginally altered. 

     Engine power has been increased by 10 bhp ( 123bhp / 9400rpm) and 6 Nm of torque, mainly due to the new exhaust and upgraded intake system. 

     The bodywork is new. 

     The riderĘs and pillionĘs saddles are slightly lower, a standard and improved ABS is featured. 

     There are two new body colors, white and red. It is expected that the character of the Tiger Sport 1050 will be a sportier version of the outgoing model which was unchanged since its debut in 2007. 
     It would be nice if these changes could alter the character of the bike like the latest Speed Triple did compared to the older version, back in 2011!