The Yamaha Jupiter mx is known as Spark 135 in Thailand, Sniper in the Philippines, Jupiter MX in Indonesia, 135LC in Malaysia, Exciter in Vietnam, and Crypton X 135 in Greece. 

     A liquid cooled, four valves 134 c.c. engine is equipped, delivering 12.5 bhp/8500 rpm and 1.2 kgm/5500 rpm (8.7 lbs ft /5500 rpm) torque, nominal figures. 

      At the Indonesian motor show in Jakarta being conducted these days a factory version was presented, named Z1 GP. 
     This bike is not legal for road use as there are no lights, indicators and mirrors. 

     Except from the suspensions and silencer no other mechanical modifications are certain. 

     The photos shown derive from the Z1 launch in Mugello in 2012 and the website