According to the latest data gathered, the upcoming Yamaha Majesty 155 ( S-max 5/16) will be launched in October. Depending on the country, the new scooter will be available in four or five colours, white/black/red/blue or matt titanium. 

Specifications: Length 2030mm, width 715 mm, height 1115 mm. (79.92/28.15/43.9 in) 
Wheelbase 1405 mm (55.31 in) 
Weight 145 kg (319.67 lbs) 

155 cc, liquid cooled engine 
Power 15PS/7500 rpm 
Torque 1.4 kgm/6000 rpm (10.126 ft lbs/6000 rpm) 

Two disc brakes 
Tyre dimensions 120/70-13 front and 130/70-13 rear 
Storage space at the legshield 2.7   l 
Underseat storage space 32    l 
LED daytime running lights at the front, LED tail light. 
The scooter will be manufactured in Taiwan 


ิhe new  Yamaha Majesty 155  ( S-max 5/16).

Yamaha launches the  Majesty S 155, which is a scooter at the same league with the PCX 150. Thus it is a frugal, user friendly and nice looking town scooter. 

It features the liquid-cooled 155 c.c. engine of the  Xenter which delivers 15.8  bhp and  1.51 kgm  (10.9 ft lbs) torque. The horizontal shock is similar to that of the Xenter promising increased comfort, 13 inch wheels are featured, disc brakes front and rear, flat floor,  LED  daytime running lights and tail light, while the weight is 138 kgs (304 lbs) nominal dry. 

The storage space under the seat is adequate for at least one full face helmet, while there is a small open gloves compartment at the legshield. A tiny  screen like that of the PCX is featured at the front, while the handlebar is not covered, without being chromed unlike the PCX. 

The colors  include possibly a matt-black option and a red, which once more reminds of the PCX.  

Comment:  Yamaha makes real  the “Revs our Heart” campaign at the small scooters sector.