Chinese Kawasaki-alike (LIFAN) 250 for 2000 (2500 Euros, $3200). 
 13 October 2012 

     An Italian-designed 250 expected to cost around 2000 has been unveiled as a concept at the Chinese motorcycle show. The single-cylinder Kawasaki Z-alike KP250 could go into production within months. 

     If manufacturer Lifan can bring it to the UK for close to its anticipated price in China, it will be one of the cheapest motorcycles you can buy. But with just 19bhp on tap, there's a trade-off in performance. Italian designer Nico Butti said it was ready to go into production in China within months for just over 2000, but the air-cooled engine may need to be altered to meet European emission standards. 
     He said: "If anything it's inspired by Kawasaki. The brief was to make something with European appeal but at the same time accessible for the Chinese."