Late last month, an EPA spreadsheet revealed details of new Kawasaki models like the Ninja 300 and the 636cc ZX-6R. That was the big news, but tantalizingly, there was also mention of a BMW F800GT, a model not currently in the manufacturerĘs portfolio in the US or abroad. Well, thatĘs the bike you see above. 
     A more touring-oriented replacement for the old BMW F800ST, you can see that this new GT shares that modelĘs frame and motor (also shared with the currently on-sale BMW F800R), but fits a new, full fairing complete with more contemporary lines and larger cut outs to vent the radiator. The exhaust is also now a high-mount unit and thereĘs new wheels. 
     Like that old ST, but unlike the R, thereĘs a single-sided swingarm with belt drive. 
     The old F800ST never sold terribly well, but was popular with its owners. Is the time now ripe for a new, more affordable BMW touring bike? That EPA spreadsheetĘs now been amended to exclude the F800GT, but before it was, it listed the power as 84bhp. A figure more or less inline with the 87bhp F800R. So donĘt expect any big engine upgrades or the rumored inclusion of the Husqvarna Nuda 900′s larger version of the BMW parallel-twin. The BMW F800ST is pictured below.