Two versions of the new Tiger 800 will be available, from the beginning of 2011. ItĘs the road oriented Tiger 800 and the Tiger 800 XC, which is capable for off road use as well.

     The Tiger 800 is a smaller bike to begin with, more suitable for shorter riders and more practical every day on road use. Optional accessory saddle further reduces seat height by a further 20mm, making the Tiger 800 the most accessible adventure bike on the market. The wheels are cast aluminium alloy.

     Tiger 800 XC. Longer travel suspension, which is 45mm upside down forks to the front and a shock with preload and rebound adjustability at the rear. Combined with the large 21 inch aluminium rim front, could produce a big bike feeling.

     Both bikes are equipped with optional ABS system, which can be switched on and off by the rider. Handlebars and rider seat are both adjustable for optimal rider comfort. Engine which is the same at the two models, should produce high torque. Price is expected to be higher for the XC model.