Yamaha presents a pure electric bike, the EC-03. Its light and slim, easy to ride, convenient for inexperienced riders.
     At just 56kg wet weight (with battery), the EC-03 is easy to handle and manipulate on the road - and equally easy to wheel indoors for storage or charging. Also it can easily be carried in a car or caravan in case of a vacation. This lightweight construction is the result of a newly designed aluminium-alloy pipe frame, which is around 30% lighter than a 50cc gasoline engine scooter.

     The dimension of both wheels is 60/100-12, drum brakes are used front and rear. The telescopic fork at the front features only a coil spring, while the rear one, coil spring and oil damper. The wheelbase is 1080 mm, seat height at 745 mm.

     There are two motor modes. When riders need to boost their speed, they can switch from Standard mode to a special Power mode at the touch of a button – itĘs ideal for overtaking or any moment when rider canĘt wait around. A full charge requires seven hours. It offers sufficient power for a journey of approximately 46km at 30km/h on a flat road. In Standard mode it achieves a running distance per charge of 30Km while in Power mode it reaches 20Km.

     To ensure riders stay informed of key vehicle information, the EC-03 includes an instrument panel with digital LCD display with speedometer and battery charge gauge. As a safety precaution, electronic sound functions are included for the indicators and battery-low signal. Riders can also verify that the machine is in perfect running order by pressing a dedicated switch on the panel when starting the EC-03.

     The EC-03 will be available to buy in Yamaha dealers throughout Europe from the beginning of 2011. Choice of colour schemes: White and Brown.

     Comment: The EC-03 characteristics sound really simple, they describe a small, basic and agile vehicle, suitable for narrow city streets. However itĘs one of the first electric mopeds from the Japanese manufacturers that will hit the market. Definitely itĘs a good idea of the things to come…