Kymco Like 200i (2010- current): Underneath the classic design, a teenage character is hidden.

      Engine: The power delivery of the air cooled injection fed engine of 163 c.c., favors acceleration instead of top speed. The speed of 20 Km/h is rapidly achieved, the scooter reaches very fast the speed of 40 Km/h, fast the speed of 60 Km/h, OK the 80 Km/h , slowly the 100 Km/h, after quite some time, top speed of 107 Km/h will be indicated.

     There is a genuine vivid sensation that the engine performance reflects, providing instant acceleration. This results to normal riding speed of 80 Km/h very often. The fuel level indication requires some caution, as the Full indication is to the left, while the Empty indication is to the right, which is the opposite from what it is normally used.
     Maximum power output 11.02 bhp at 7500 rpm and torque 12.2. Nm at 6500 rpm, nominal values.

     Riding position: The seat for the rider is low. Its wide at the rear, getting narrow to the front. Consequently, all possible rider heights will step firm feet on the ground. The weight is small, 110 dry Kg nominal, while centre of gravity is low. The combination of the two above results to a very light feeling scooter, which is a really user friendly bike to new or short riders. This is also because of the small physical dimensions.
     Rider is positioned mainly in the scooter, riding position is neutral. The floor at the riderĘs feet is slightly higher than the average, for this Kymco model as well. This may result for tall riders that their feet are close to the legshield – handle bar.

     On the road:
The dimensions of the wheels are 120-70-12 to the front and 130-70-12 to the rear. The firmness of the fork is average , while the two rear adjustable shocks are slightly soft set. Steering lock is superb, allowing really tight turning radius.
     Agility is top class to this Kymco model as well. Combined with the little weight, low centre of gravity, huge steering lock and small physical dimensions, a superbly rider friendly and light feeling bike is created. It will help rider into traffic congestion. It will permit new riders to ride without needless stress. On town rides it will find its way superbly through traffic, it will accelerate faster than cars, agility at its best. Filtering while require some caution as the height of the handle bar is very often at the same height with car mirrors.

     On high quality and high friction streets, suspension will provide decent feedback. However on roads featuring many imperfections, suspension will not absorb them. On the contrary, rider will directly feel them.
     Conclusively, riding on bumpy roads will become exhausting after some time.

     On high friction B - roads feedback is very good, agility is superb. When the pace gets faster, feedback is greatly reduced, resulting to average. Rider will not feel confident to charge.
     On low friction B - roads, for a pace up to medium, change of direction is rapid. For a higher pace this soon results to loss of feedback and after that edginess. In case that the scooter runs over bumps on high speed, rider may feel the handle bar oscillating front and back over the bump.

     Braking is really strong, nice feedback as well. There are two disc brakes, one to the front wheel, one to the rear, steel brake lines. Like will instantly stop, no matter the speed. In the majority of the cases this is an advantage, although there is adequate power to easily lock the wheels on low speed. On slippery roads though, braking requires caution, especially in emergency braking.

Despite the short 12 inch wheels, under the seat there is storage space adequate for a shallow jet helmet or a shopping bag. At the rear top box , which is the same color with the scooter, a full face helmet will easily be accommodated. The aerodynamic pillion handgrip except from the fine design, makes a superb part of the scooter to apply power when using the centre stand. Combined with the little weight, this procedure is as easy as possible.
     The footrests for the pillion are folded in the scooter. They are released by a button pressed by the pillion's foot.

     The riderĘs feet floor is level. A hook is available for a shopping bag as well as a gloves compartment at the front, equipped with a 12V socket. In the tag price which is low, a side stand is included.
     Conclusively, the design of the Like is classic, featuring many retro details together with contemporary ones. The rear of the bike reminds of Lambretta scooters... From the other hand, the light feeling, superb agility, acceleration up to 80 Km/h and powerful braking result to a restless riding. Of course the first does not retract the other, if the consumer is aware of what he is asking for…

Price Top Case version: 2400§

+ Agility

+ Light feeling


+Riding on congested streets

- Comfort on bumpy roads

- Powerful braking on low friction roads

-Unity of design-riding

     Thanks to the motorcycle company V.A. Andriopoulos S.A., Kymco's official dealer for Patras area, tel.+302610453904-2610452409, Amerikis 63, Patras, Greece, for the test ride.

More, specifications, 125 c.c.


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