Honda CBF 500 (2004-2009): An interesting character, uninspired clothes.

     Engine: The parallel twin liquid cooled engine of 499 very linear, there are lots of grunt at the low and middle spectrum of the power band. From 2500 – 3000 rpm, depending on the selected gear, there is adequate torque, a typical twin output delivery: Rider doesnĘt need to really increase revs to get a power boost, acceleration is decent. Rev limiter at 11000 rpm.
     On the highway the medium engine capacity and short gearing are evident as with 6th gear selected, for a speed of 120 Km/h 6000 rpm are needed, for 140 Km/h 7000 rpm are needed. Top power output 56 bhp at 9500 rpm, 45 Nm of torque at 8000 rpm, top speed 205 Km/h, nominal values. The 56 bhp is not an impressing number, however it will do the job, easily.

     Riding position: The seat height is low, its width is short also, all riders will step a firm foot on the ground. The weight of the bike is increased though, while center of gravity feels relatively high. The width of the bike is narrow, which is close to ideal for town rides.
     Rider is positioned mainly in the motorbike rather than on top of the CBF, riding position is really comfortable and neutral. The relaxed riding position is enhanced by the high handle bar.

     On the road: Suspension is to the soft side, providing precise feedback to the rider though. Steering lock is average, turning radius should be tighter for a bike that is supposed to spend a life time close or in the town. The handle bar is usually higher than car mirrors, when filtering.
     Due to the above town rides are really easy and neutral, rider will enjoy commuting. There are two disadvantages though: First, because of the detailed feedback to the rider, road imperfections are noticed just slightly more than ideal. Second, the steering angle could be tighter in traffic congestion.   

     On B roads riding is firm. Handling is neutral, favoring stability mid corner than agility. The CBF is only as agile as necessary. This results in providing the required confidence to the rider to feel great safety or to charge.
     On faultless roads, feedback to the rider and riding quality are superb for the category standards.
     Charging, the high handle bar and neutral riding position will not allow the rider to obtain an aggressive riding position. The riderĘs weight cannot be applied to specific bikeĘs points. Feedback gradually decreases, finally becomes average especially on fast bends, handling is still progressive.
                                  Ń familiar physiognomy of a naked Honda

     On the highway the naked bike limitations are valid. Air resistance is great above 150 Km/h. The medium capacity engine will need revving to keep this speed. At least there arenĘt noticeable vibrations to the rider, while tank range is superb.
     The front disc brake, two piston calliper, is really good while the rear disc brake is weak. The ABS is optional.

    Comments: The CBF 500 has more guts than what is supposed by the name model, engine capacity, top power output and design. It will provide trouble free city and B roads rides. The latter is the favored field of use.
     It is addressed to new but also experienced riders who will seek for some vivid riding as well, low cost. Reliability is proven.


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Thanks to the motorcycle shop Baxevanis - Honda, tel.+302109237000, Kalirois 12, Athens, Greece, for the test ride.


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