Ktm LC4 640 Prestige (2002-2004) : Uni-dimensional sporty

     Engine: The liquid cooled single cylinder engine of 625 c.c. is really torquey and powerful , the throttle response is instant. The engine racing origin as well as itĘs dated for the 2010 standards design, are obvious as vivid vibrations start to build from 80 Km/h up to the top speed.
    Because of the vibrations, the Prestige is uni-dimensional, as above 80 Km/h, riding becomes tedious except from sporty riding. Acceleration is powerful up to 150 Km/h, above that it gradually decreases, while at low revs, some serious surging will be noticed.

    Riding position: The riderĘs seat is high and narrow, not really satisfying for average height riders or shorter. Rider is positioned clearly over the bike, at an almost racing riding position, which isnĘt bothering at all, on the contrary it really suits the bikeĘs character.

    On the road: The tall riding position, provides a superb road supervision. The stiffness of the fully adjustable suspensions is average. The width of the bike is little, as well as the steering lock , no really tight turns will be allowed in town every day use.
    As a result of the above in town rides rider gets tempted by the engine performance as well as the riding position. In leisure riding, engine surging and vibrations as well as the just average steering lock, will set the limits in slow – average speed riding. Well, an absolute sports motorcycle has just been described.
   The bikeĘs great height and little width become an advantage as filtering is really easy, while the handle bar height is clearly greater than that of car mirrors. Road imperfections in town are highly absorbed while feedback to the rider is great if he wishes to ride in the fast pace.

    On B roads rider is tempted again to enjoy fast riding, in every ride, every moment. Agility is average, however itĘs the stability that is really impressing at the whole curve length. Handling is superb even by todayĘs standards, introducing the safe and fast riding to the inexperienced. At the same time it provides the experience riders, the satisfaction that a sports motorcycle will. Sure footed and fast at the turn in, really stable at the whole curve and a controlled - powerful exit provided by the engine response. Feedback to the rider is great, road imperfections are superbly absorbed.
   On go kart track the Prestige will serve superbly for occasional track days, especially in the fast parts, the superb firmness will really help then. The weight and average agility will play a role on  the slow sections and at very fast pace.
    Brakes are a really useful tool for the fast riding, as they superbly combine immense stopping power and tons of feedback.

    Comments: In our days, due to the engine vibrations and the narrow – kind of hard seat, travelling with the Prestige is not as ideal as motorcycle travelling is considered to be. On the contrary, it will be like a torture to add every single kilometer on the journey after a while.
    However the target group that this bike is designed for, will adore the Prestige, in or around town.

Price: -

+Cheerful character

+Sport riding

-Engine vibrations

-Uni - dimensional

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Baxevanis - Honda, tel.+302109237000, Kalirois 12, Athens, Greece, http://www.baxevanismoto.com/  for the test ride.


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