Ktm Adventure 990 (2009-current) : The undisciplined

    Engine: The V twin cylinder liquid cooled, injection fed of 999 c.c., delivers in a linear way from 3000 rpm up to the rev limiter at 9500 rpm. It will rapidly increase revs, in a smooth for a KTM operation, that is without providing excessive vibrations.
     The power output is great, 105 bhp at 8250 rpm, which is sufficient in any case, combined with a punchy middle band, the torque is 10.2 Kgm at 6750 rpm , nominal values.

     The motorcycle tested had run for 1924 kilometers only, therefore run in was not complete at the time of the test. As it is difficult to fully comply with speed limits on a Adventure, fuel consumption is relatively increased.

      Riding position: The seat for the rider is tall, relatively narrow, it will be satisfying for riderĘs height above average. The weight of the bike is relatively lower than the average weight of the category and center of gravity feels just in the middle of the bike. The Adventure is a narrow bike, rider is positioned relatively on top of the bike, riding position is neutral though.
     The stiffness of the high class suspension is average, providing comfortable rides and decent feedback to the rider at the same time. Steering lock is average for the standards of the category, thus steering radius will be rather large.

      On the road : Due to the above, on town rides agility will be satisfying, the weight will become a disadvantage only when maneuvering the bike still. The 1000 c.c. engine will get hot in southern countries traffic. The engine operation is smooth, hiding the racing origin of the LC8, being much more civilized than what a rider would expect from a KTM. Well, itĘs not that happy if rider wants to cruise in really slow speed on town traffic. Filtering is superb due to the height of the handlebar which is much greater than that of car mirrors, while road imperfections are adequately absorbed.
     On low friction B roads, stability is the main advantage of the Adventure. Being agile, the bike provides decent feedback and confidence to the rider. ‘ogether with stability, high cornering speed may be maintained middle corner. The punch of the V twin engine will be most helpful for powerful cornering exit, impressive for the category standards.
     The only disadvantage is that due to the increased feedback provided. On some rare cases, absorbing of really great road imperfections from the rear suspension could be better. This will be fixed by trimming the fully adjustable suspension, front and rear.
     On a really fast pace, the 21 inch front wheel together with the Pirelli Scorpions tires, dimensions 90-90-21 front and 150-70-18 rear, will gradually set the riding limits: Rider feels less feedback from the front end, he has to transfer some of the weight to the front. As the pace starts to approach that of a supermoto, the tyres will not provide the feedback needed for such a fast riding pace.

     On high friction roads the combination of stability together with agility is impressive for this bulk. Rider will carry high cornering loads. Changing of direction is really fast, steadiness is impressing, as long as the rider will trust the bike. Feedback is great as well as riding confidence to charge. The feedback from the 21 inch front wheel will gradually become vague for a really fast riding then.
     On the motorway, the relatively high screen will protect the rider up to the speed of 150 Km/h. Above that the riderĘs shoulders are not really protected against air pressure.
     On dirt roads the feedback, agility and riding satisfaction are top class. However  the rider has to keep in mind that itĘs a 209 dry Kilograms bike. ItĘs not really easy to hold it upright if it slips. The 21 inch front wheel together with the Pirelli Scorpions are then a major advantage , thus dirt riding is impressive.
     The ABS brakes are powerful providing again, nice feedback to the rider.

     Comments: The beast is tamed, as the Adventure features a 12 V socket on the display, at the same time though, the bike provides thrilling rides. This is not really common, at the era of politically correct vehicles. The two reservoirs left and right have to be filled separately , there is not a fuel indication on the display, just a reserve indication. A larger screen is optional.
     The Adventure was introduced at 2003, engine capacity was 942 c.c., fed via a carburetor, from 2006 to 2008 engine capacity was increased at 999 c.c. and injection was used. At 2009 the engine operation was smoothened, although the top power output was increased. Also at 2009 the R version was introduced , featuring an even more powerful engine as well as a really tall seat.

Price : 12990 §

+Inspired riding on any case except on highways



-Lack of fuel level indication

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