Honda CBR 1000RR 2008: Easily fast…

     Engine: From 4000 rpm upwards offers a lot of torque, the definition of linearity in the middle range. Sweet great Honda power at the top, up to 11000 rpm. Because of the great torque and midrange of the bike, rider may be deceived that itĘs not really powerful at the top of the powerband,  where 175 nominal bhp is released.

     On the road: The fast steering geometry is obvious while the bike gives very good feedback to the rider wherever the ride is. At the fast pace, very gentle and agile, the most lightsome of the Japanese four, very good turn in to the curves, assisted by the motorĘs linearity for a fast exit.
     Decent brakes as well. Wherever the ride is, road or track, the rider may thinks that he is going effortless ok, but for everybody else riding close to him, he is already driving fast…
Qualitative, agile, normal riding position, easy to ride, comfortable, short and thin shaped, can be used for some city rides. The rider will enjoy more short trips due to the limited air protection.
From 2009 the CBR is equipped with combined ABS, which allows every rider to brake extremely well. The extra 10 Kg of weight due to the C-ABS cannot really be noticed by the rider.


Price cbr 1000 RR9 C-ABS : 15220 §

+Easy to ride


+Engine torque

+ From 2009 C-ABS

-Wind protection

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