Honda ANF Innova 125i: The effective cub

     Engine: The 125 c.c. engine delivers smoothly, in a linear way, however the major feature is the long gearing. The speed of 20 Km/h is reached instantly, 40 Km/h fast, 60 Km/h adequately, 80 Km/h slowly. Above that, top indicated speed of 107 Km/h needs some time to build. On a major downhill road a top speed of 125 Km/h will be indicated. At the limit of engine revolutions, first gear produces 50 Km/h, second 80 Km/h, third 100 Km/h and fourth serving as an overdrive 107 Km/h.

      Top power output is 9,2 nominal bhp and 1 Kg torque at 3000 rpm. Long gearing decreases acceleration, however delivers comfortable rides above 80 Km/h, where engine is operating at lower revs. A semi automatic gear box is used, there is no clutch. This gear box requires quite a long travel of foot motion to change gear, however its quite good.

To the left the older chap, to the right the new one...

      Two bikes were tested, the first one was a 2004 model, fed via a carburetor, 9300 Km done, while the second was a 2010 injection model, almost 2200 Km done, so run in of the engine was not complete. Nevertheless there was not any difference noticed in power performance. Fuel consumption is increased in high speed riding.

     Riding position: The seat height is low, its turning wide though towards o the rear, so any rider will eventually step firm on the ground, especially at the latest models. The Innova feels relatively light, center of gravity low and the dimensions are common with the category standards. Riding position is neutral, rider is positioned rather on and in the bike and the steering lock is really great.
     On the road: Town rides are extremely easy and because of the superb agility , every tiny gap in the traffic will be exploited, filtering will be as easy as possible. Two minor drawbacks are, first that on fast town rides above 80 Km/h, due to the gearing, the Innova will require some time to exceed this speed. Second, frequently the height of the handle bar is the same with that of the car mirrors.
     Suspension stiffness is considerable for the standards of the category, adequate for street motorcycle standards, providing a firm sensation that rider needs. From the other hand, it will absorb most of road imperfections and will provide comfort even when carrying a pillion.

     On low friction B roads where cubs provide better handling than scooters, riding is comfortable and easy. Destinations up to 20 Km far are an easy target if fast riding is not an issue, that is due to the engine. Rides longer than that of an hour, are exhausting. When the pace gets faster, feedback decreases gradually and depends mainly on the age and type of the tires fitted.
     On very fast riding, the average feedback combined with the lighter feeling of the Innova in pace like this, makes the rider to slow down.  Sliding will occur almost without prior warning and the front feels slightly abstracted. However applying some weight at the front, rider will feel the rear wheel oversteer almost gradually, despite the vague feedback, additionally some flexibility will be felt. The Innova doesn˘t really feel appropriate for this sort of riding.

      On high friction roads, the Innova is very comfortable, at a higher pace the engine isn˘t powerful enough to provide really fast rides, frame and suspension will manage cornering forces. The superb agility on roads like this may result in edginess.
     On roads featuring many imperfections, due to the suspension, absorption is just adequate. Feedback is very good then, as well as the bike˘s firm sensation.
     The same applies to dirt road rides, where absorption is average and feedback is unnecessarily good for whatever lies beyond the tyres.
     Brakes are adequate for the standards of the category, the front disc brake providing adequate feedback, the rear drum brake providing average feedback.

     Comments: The cub category features larger wheels than the scooters, absorbing large road imperfections better and providing more comfortable rides on average roads. From 2007 onwards, the Innova was equipped with fuel injection and minor design changes were made like air lets.
     The plastic exterior parts assembly as well as the rust resistance is inferior to the established Honda high quality. Under the seat there is a small storage space, smaller than a helmet, adequate for a small shopping bag or a rain coat and few minor objects.

Price : 2190¤

+Firm sensation


+Increased feedback when cornering

-Not the highest Honda quality built.

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Honda - Moschonas, tel.+302671023121 in Greece, Kefalonia, Argostoli, for the test ride.

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  • Godspeed
    Owned one of these for the past four years. Done 2 x 2500 mile tours in Europe, off road smugglers track in Andorra and plenty of other adventures. Fantastic bike, when touring I can get 160mpg. Does need a larger tank and seat can be a bit harsh on 8 hour days but solved by a 3 litre fuel can in a bag between your legs and a 3D mesh cover on the seat. Brilliant!
  • Dnewpix
    Realistically 65 miles per tank in London, about 100mpg. excellent, reliable tough unstressed motor, happy up to 60mph, not beyond. I am 90kg and it is the best city bike I have owned.
  • Innova fan
    Small petrol tank. People say it can do 100+ miles on a tank is not accurate. For real use, mixes speed roads, you˘re looking at more 75-80 miles on a tank. Especially on older 2003-2007 models.
  • joey
    Fuel tank is small but can exceed 100+miles on a tank so isn't problem. Cruises at 50-55mph comfortably, can reach 65-70mph depending on wind. Handles better than it should, brakes good for this bike. 160mpg is possible in real life use, but average of 140mpg is an honest figure
  • botrys
    The bike is great but fuel tank is too small (should be twice the size)
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