Honda CBF 250 (2004-2009):If the CBf's design was less indifferent, it would be a superb choice in the 250 c.c. category

     Engine: The single cylinder air cooled engine of 249 c.c. provides a smooth power output from 2700 rpm upwards, sixth gear will require 3000 rpm. Very linear engine to the whole power band, 100 Km/h speed is easily achievable , for 120 Km/h 8200 rpm are required, top speed 125 Km/h indicated speed - rider sited upright , 22 nominal bhp.
     Fast rides require at least 7000 rpm, above 9000 rpm the rpm increase will not produce a corresponding power increase, rev limiter at 10700 rpm. 110 Km/h is a speed that may be kept on minor uphill roads, rider only, if this procedure is started keeping the engine revs at the highest power band.
     Highway speed is 100 Km/h. Due to the limited air protection and the moderate top power output, top speed is affected a lot from favourable - adverse wind.

     Riding position: The seat height is relatively low, allowing lower and female riders to step firm on the road. The Cbf has a very light feeling and center of gravity feels low. Dimensions are little, especially the width of the bike, rider is positioned in and on the bike, mainly due to the bikes small dimensions. Riding position is neutral and comfortable, a really great steering lock is provided, thus the Cbf will take advantage of the tiniest traffic gap.
     On the road : Suspension is neutral to slightly firm side, providing precious feedback whenever it is needed and at the same time absorbing road imperfections very well. Agility is superb, almost rapid. Due to the above its a superb and user friendly town bike, really easy, light, firm and effective that will outrun town use. On B roads featuring low friction factor, its very agile, light feeling, sure footed, feedback to the rider is really good. At the fast pace handling is neutral while the front end feels rather distant, asking for some additional weight charge. If this is done, the feedback from the front is almost vague , the rear will oversteer on the power charging, providing decent feedback though which is an advantage considering the Cbfs character.
     On high friction roads the riding quality is superb, at the fast pace though the increased agility feels like edginess though, especially at high speed riding. On the worst roads featuring many imperfections as well as soil roads rides are slightly firmer than ideal.
     Braking is very good considered the bikes character, the front disc brake could provide better feedback.

     Comments: The Cbf is intended for riders who will require heavy town use without the need of carrying objects. This will be corrected  by installing a top case of course.
     The riding quality then, on non ideal roads, is far better than this of the scooters , while agility is far better than this of 600 c.c. naked bikes. From this point of view the Cbf is a superb friendly first bike that will serve consistently in town.
     If only the design was not as conservative as this, it would be a market success.

Price : -

+User friendly

+Town use

+Firm feeling


-Conservative design

Thanks to the motorcycle shop Baxevanis - Honda, tel.+302109237000, Kalirois 12, Athens, Greece, for the test ride.


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